Hiring Efforts Need a Boost? A Talent Acquisition Partnership Could Be Your Answer.


Perhaps you’re facing a recruiting challenge like this: “We recently lost headcount in HR/Recruiting and cannot bring on any additional headcount.”

Of course, you know how important having the right talent is to running your organization effectively. But when you have a dozen open positions that are critical to your company’s performance in need of being filled and are facing a challenge like this, what’s your next move? Do you bog down your hiring managers and take them away from critical operations? Or, do you look at other options? For example, you can achieve great hiring results when you work with an outsourced recruiting partner. Should you choose to go this route, you’ll want to find a true partner that can be an ally and make the best possible hiring decisions on your behalf. You want a partner that takes the time to understand you, your organization and the “big picture.”

A talent acquisition partnership can offset strain in your HR/Recruiting team and take over all of the tasks that take hiring managers and executives away from their primary roles. You’d be hard pressed to find a hiring manager that would like to take hours out of their day to source for candidates or write effective job descriptions. It’s not easy to do, especially in today’s tight labor market.

Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits of working with a talent acquisition partner:

  • Keep as much control as you would like. Outsource the recruiting “busy work” like job description development, sourcing candidates, etc. to a true expert like Alaant that understands your needs while keeping other tasks assigned to hiring managers.

  • Focus on the right things. Drive your business while your recruiting partner establishes and maintains and grows your candidate pipeline.

  • Evaluate the selection process with some frequency. This will tell you whether or not your efforts are creating positive results. You can’t improve what you are not measuring.

  • Leverage your partner’s technology capabilities. A strong recruiting partner, like Alaant, have invested in sophisticated technology platforms to enhance the hiring process. We also spend on technology to connect to national job boards and networks, conduct automated and predictive reference screening, and utilize video interviewing tools. This is key to building a strong pipeline of potential candidates.

Unfortunately, too many organizations struggle because they’re trying to manage all of the hiring processes without the right expertise or tools to get it done effectively. Often times hiring is done to fill existing positions and most of those vacancies are caused by voluntary turnover. When you allow a strategic recruiting partner to manage your recruiting funnel with both active (looking at new opportunities) and passive (not actively searching for a new job, but could be open to a new opportunity) candidates, you can focus on defining an exceptional employee brand strategy and drive positive business outcomes.

The old adage that people are your most important asset couldn’t be truer in today’s world. Find the best through a talent acquisition partnership. We’d welcome the opportunity to partner with you to meet your talent acquisition needs. #peoplefirst

About the Author

Nick Maciariello

Nick Maciariello, Director of Sales, Alaant Workforce Solutions

When it comes to making great hiring decisions, Nick is all about delivering the best outcomes to clients. To do this, he helps them understand the value that HR technology adds to the hiring process to streamline it and make it more effective.

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