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Criminal History, Fast-Growing Industries, Cybersecurity, and more... 

Criminal History, Fast-Growing Industries, Cybersecurity, and more
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Chronic apologizing at work

Chronic Apologizing: How it Stands in the Way of Being Taken Seriously

By: Kristin Cameron via Alaant Workforce Solutions Blogs

Have you ever bumped into the copier and apologized? If you’re apologizing to inanimate objects, it may be time to assess if sorry is being overused as a knee-jerk reaction to everything. Over-apologizing can come across as a sign of weakness and indicates insecurity. Is that really the way you want to be perceived by people?

Albany - Capital Region Employers Your Voice is Needed! Take the Alaant Hiring Index – Fall 2018 Survey Now!

Albany - Capital Region Employers Time is Running Out to Share Your Voice: The Alaant Hiring Index – Fall 2018

Don't leave your voice out of The Fall 2018 Alaant Hiring Index. The survey will be closing soon so now is the time! Your expert feedback will help us to assess the Capital Region’s employment market. If you're hiring OR trying to find employees, let us know today! All companies large and small are eligible to participate, and it only takes 60 seconds or less. Later this month, we’ll compile the collective results and share them with you. We appreciate your participation and thank you in advance for adding your voice to the Alaant Hiring Index!

Go to Greg: Are job applicants required to disclose criminal history?

Go to Greg: Are job applicants required to disclose criminal history?

By: Greg Giangrande via New York Post

Q: I applied for a job and the application asks if I have ever been convicted of a crime. Do I have to reveal this? A: Well, you could lie, but you’d likely end up fired if they found out you lied, and they are almost certainly going to do a pre-employment background check and find out anyway, so you need to divulge this now. Whether or not it affects…

Jobs in high-wage industries are growing fastest

Jobs in high-wage industries are growing fastest

By: Paul Davidson via USA Today

For years after the Great Recession, the jobs recovery came with a caveat: The fastest employment gains by far were in low-wage industries such as retail and restaurants, which critics griped weren’t “good” jobs. No longer. Jobs in high-wage industries such as technology, professional services and energy have grown slightly faster than low-wage sectors over the past year or so…

One Year After #MeToo

One Year After #MeToo and 'Weinstein Effect': What's Changed?

By: Kathy Gurchiek via SHRM.org

The October 2017 news article detailing accusations of sexual assault and harassment against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein boosted the #MeToo movement into the nation's awareness. What's different in the workplace today? A year ago Friday, The New Yorker expose on movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's behavior unleashed a media earthquake…

Cybersecurity: Not Just "A" Job - Many Jobs Of The Future

Cybersecurity: Not Just "A" Job - Many Jobs Of The Future

By: Taylor Armerding via Forbes

Cybersecurity is very obviously a job sector of the future. Official estimates put job growth in the sector at 37% per year at least through 2022 – and that is probably conservative. At the start of this year there were an estimated half million cybersecurity jobs unfilled in the U.S. alone. Even entry-level pay is about $10,000 better than the national median salary, and those who reach the C suite are getting into the $500,000 range…

Hot Candidate of the Week!

This is one of the best candidates we've seen this week. If you would like more information on this candidate, please reach out to us right away.

Hartford - Network Administrator

  • Holds a Bachelor’s in Information Technology
  • Certifications: Cisco CCNA R+S, Certified Novell Engineer /
  • Administrator, CompTIA A+, Linux+, Network+
  • 12 years of experience in Network and Systems
  • Administration including network monitoring,
  • Server/LAN/WAN design and administration
  • Security Analysis / Auditing / Penetration testing
  • VoIP (Cisco/Asterisk) setup / configuration / maintenance.
  • Systems programming/scripting
  • Technical / User Support
  • Network / Server performance optimization 
  • Excellent work experience with good manager references

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