Set Your Workplace up for Success with a Growth Mindset

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What’s your company’s mindset (attitude)? Is it helping you succeed or holding you back? Author Carol Dweck has a lot to say about having a Growth Mindset (always learning, open to change, tackle challenges) versus a fixed mindset (set in ways, no motivation to fix what is perceived as not being broken). We happen to agree with Carol and believe a growth mindset can increase motivation and productivity, which goes a long way towards helping employees feel happy about their job and that my friends is powerful for retaining an engaged and happy workforce. So here are some tips for embracing a growth mindset in your organization because we believe not only can people change, companies can too.

See Challenge as Opportunity

Let’s start with this: How often are you in meetings where a team member offers an idea, only to hear some other team member answer back, “We tried that already and it didn’t work.” How soul crushing it is to hear this answer? If that’s the typical response, this can all too often make people think twice about sharing ideas. How can you expect people in your organization to handle change and be excited for opportunities if you’re shutting them down like this?

We get it. Sometimes the effort required to say yes to an idea you’re not 100% behind is too much and we know change isn’t easy. It’s not always comfortable. In fact, it can be downright painful. When we won’t adapt to a change, whether it’s a simple approach we take or reorganizing an entire department, everyone suffers. New challenges are beneficial opportunities that serve as the gateway to learning and achieving goals. Giving your employees the space to take on challenges requires patience. Focus on the process instead of the result, and you’ll see some positive movement.

Humility and Grit

Have you fostered a culture where it’s safe for someone to say, “I don’t know, I’ll have to get back to you” and then you let them explore to learn the answer or new skill. And what about when team members gives you feedback? Are you open to giving and receiving constructive criticism? Nobody likes a “know-it-all” …When you confidently show curiosity and eagerness to learn something new, you’re giving the green light for others to do the same and building an environment where learning and thinking outside the box is highly encouraged. Demonstrating humility encourages team growth by letting teams teach fellow members. Humility can increase grit – which plays a crucial role in employee retention. Building a team that has grit helps persist through failures and persevere until you reach a positive outcome.

Fostering a growth mindset leads to higher achievement and a happy, fulfilled workforce! While staying in a fixed mindset, with fixed processes and communication styles, can inadvertently hold your organization back from reaching its full potential. In 2019 and beyond, it’s all about growing and opening to new possibilities and approaches to make your organization the best it can be. We’d love to help your team get in a growth mindset. Contact us to get started.

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Angela Milkie-Stokes

Angela Milkie-Stokes, Resource Manager

Angela brings a mix of Human Resource knowledge and Student Affairs experience. She enjoys advocating for people with specific needs in the workplace. Angela can speak conversational Spanish and played the flute for more than 10 years! In her free time, she likes to read, be outdoors and spend time with friends.

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