The Night Before the Job Interview

the night before the job search

As the holiday bustle gets into full swing, we’re putting an Alaant spin on a classic.

‘Twas the night before the job interview, when all through my house

They could tell I was nervous, just ask my spouse!

My best dress clothes were hung in my closet with care,

In hopes that my pets would not share their hair.


My padfolio and resume were ready near my bed,

While visions of solid handshakes played out in my head.


As my recruiter reminded me during our meeting to re-cap,

One thing you need is rest, so go home and take a long nap.


While out in the kitchen a sound made me worry,

So, I jumped from my bed in a real hurry.

My cell phone was ringing with such a fit,

I picked up the phone and answered it quick.


The video call I answered had a familiar glow.

It was a former co-worker, my buddy, named Joe!

What, to my wondering thoughts, was he doing?

Oh, Joe recently got a new job where I’m interviewing.


He spoke in full detail about the place that he worked

He told me what not to say so I didn’t look like a jerk

He gave me a thumbs-up and said, “I’ve one more thing to add,”

Show up with a pen and a pad.


He looked as his watch, and said “You’re going to be fine

I’d love to talk more, but I’ve run out of time.”

But I heard him exclaim as his video went away,

Believe in yourself! Be confident! I’ll see you on your first day!

About the Author

Jaime Toolan

Jaime Toolan, Senior Talent Resource Manager, Alaant Workforce Solutions

Jaime is passionate about building Tech Valley’s technical workforce. Jaime values integrity as a recruiter and believes being honest and ultimately doing what is best for the client builds successful relationships. In his downtime, he enjoys watching the New York Yankees and plays softball and golf when he can.

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