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Lessons from the Google Walkout, Unemployment Rate and more

Lessons from the Google Walkout, Unemployment Rate and more
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Here's what's happening this week:

Capital Region Companies Maintain Optimistic Job Outlook

Fall 2018 Hiring Index Survey: Staying Positive - Capital Region Companies Maintain Optimistic Job Outlook

By: Miriam Dushane via Alaant Blogs

As we are in one of the tightest labor markets in history, these results really speak to the strength and diversity of the region’s economy. But it will continue to be important for companies to stand out in terms of their brand and culture as well as be proactive (execute a thoughtful recruiting strategy vs. one-off recruiting tactics) about attracting and retaining key talent to their workforce. We know this continues to be an area of concern…

Google Employees Walkout

Google Employees Walkout Over Sexual Misconduct: What Your Company Can Learn

By: Janice Gassam via Forbes

On Thursday, Google employees in several different cities staged a global walkout to raise awareness about the company’s mishandling of sexual misconduct and harassment claims. Google offices in different cities around the world, including Berlin, Zurich, New York, and Tokyo, took part in the walkout. The walkout was the result of a few different causes, including a payout awarded to Andy Rubin, who is the designer of Android mobile software. Rubin reportedly received a $90 million exit package, despite sexual misconduct claims against him. In addition to the walkout, Google employees created a list of demands…

New Alaant Workforce Solutions App

Download Our New Alaant Workforce Solutions App for Jobseekers & Candidates

via Alaant News

The NEW Alaant Workforce Solutions App allows you to apply effortlessly to our many jobs, manage your resume and more- all directly from your smartphone or tablet. This free app provides jobseekers the ability to search and apply to Alaant Workforce Solutions job openings, track their applications, store and manage their resumes, electronically sign & submit on-boarding documents, and submit feedback on assignments. – All directly from their mobile devices…

U.S. Added 250,000 Jobs

U.S. Added 250,000 Jobs in October; Unemployment at 3.7%

By: Patricia Cohen via the New York Times

The last official snapshot of the economy before Americans vote on Tuesday offered another reminder of the labor market’s persistent strength. Hiring is up. Wages are up. The total number of workers and job searchers is up. “It’s really the strongest part of the broader economy at the moment,” Michelle Girard, chief United States economist at NatWest Markets, said of the labor market. A swerving stock market, tariffs and weakening growth in other countries may be causing agita, but they have done little to dent economic momentum in the United States. Employers added 250,000 jobs in October, extending a record streak of growth to 97 months, the Labor Department reported on Friday.

young adults with autism who want to work

Companies removing barriers for young adults with autism who want to work

By: Katie Ussin via News 5 Cleveland

The Good Doctor is a hit show on News 5. It is about a young man with autism who uses his unique abilities to shine as a surgeon. The storyline is one that resonates in the real world because one in 59 children in the United States is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, most don’t have the Hollywood ending when it comes to finding a job. According to Integrate Autism Employment Advisors, 85 percent of college graduates with autism are unemployed.

Millennial Men Leave Hole in Hot U.S. Job Market

Millennial Men Leave Perplexing Hole in Hot U.S. Job Market

By: Jeanna Smialek via Bloomberg

Men from ages 25 to 34 are less likely to work than before. About 500,000 young men are missing, and it isn’t clear why. Weary of long days earning minimum wage, he quit his job in a pizzeria in June. He wants new employment but won’t take a gig he’ll hate. So for now, the Pittsburgh native and father to young children is living with his mother and training to become an emergency medical technician, hoping to get on the ladder toward a better life…

Hot Candidates of the Week!

These are two of the best candidates we've seen this week. If you would like more information on either candidate, please reach out to us right away.

Hartford -
Business Systems Analyst

  • Certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Certification.
  • Lead Scrum team meetings, JAD sessions, and PI Planning sessions to plan projects and identify requirements.
  • Collaborated on design of reports, web portal, and tablet/mobile device layouts to satisfy project requirements.
  • Defined specifications and developed use cases, wireframes, and mock-ups for web pages and new reports.
  • Great personality, down to earth and presents very professionally.

Albany -
Administrative Professional

  • Experienced in many aspects of business operations including payroll & HR.
  • Very personable & professional with a refreshing, upbeat and positive attitude.
  • Knowledgeable of accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll using QuickBooks.
  • Understanding of compliance documentation based on Department of Health rules and regulations. Complete CQI compliance, fire drills, OSHA and Emergency Hazards.
  • Looking for a new opportunity in an Administrative capacity.

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Miranda March, Digital Communications Specialist

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