Job Description vs. Job Posting: Why They Need to be Different

They may sound similar – a job description and a job posting – but they’re two different animals. When it comes to recruiting, each plays an essential but distinct role in helping organizations attract and hire the best candidates.

If your company struggles to differentiate between a job description and a job posting, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, that disconnect could be causing you to lose out on top-performing employees. It’s critical to understand their respective functions, and to make sure each is done effectively. 

The Job Description: Defining the role

A job description sounds pretty straightforward, right? Apparently, it’s not. While 70% of hiring managers think they’re putting together good job descriptions, only 30% of candidates agree.

Simply put, a job description outlines the specific responsibilities associated with a position. In order to ensure this is done correctly, companies should start with an audit of the role: What tasks does the position involve? What responsibilities are included? Are certain educational levels, skills or experience required to successfully perform the job? 

Once this information is compiled and cross-checked to ensure it’s current, use it to develop a document that accurately and realistically describes the position you’re trying to fill.

The Job Posting: Marketing the role 

Now that you have a strong job description, you’re ready to create your job posting. This should be considered as a marketing tool that sells the candidate on the job, and not the other way around. 

How do you do that? Think of the candidate reading a job posting. The question on their mind is, “What’s in it for me?” Tell them by outlining a clearly defined benefits proposition. These days, job seekers are interested in the entire package: excellent pay and benefits, opportunities for career growth, the chance to do interesting work, a strong workplace culture, and good corporate citizenship. These need to be included in your job description, and highlighted in your job posting.

Keep in mind, we remain in an employees’ job market, so good candidates have many options to choose from. A clear job description and inviting job posting will go a long way toward attracting top performers to take a closer look at your organization.

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