How to Maximize Your Recruiting Efforts Using Songs From the 90s: Volume 2

How to Maximize Your Recruiting Efforts Using Songs From the 90s: Volume 2

The summer season is here and there's no better way to keep the summer vibes going than with some great jams! We put an Alaant spin on things with this 90s playlist to help inspire hiring managers to bring on their recruiting A-game. Pump it up!

“One of Us”- Joan Osborne:  Don’t hire based on skill set alone.  Find people that’ll be a good match with your culture. Can this person be “one of us” is more important to assess because you can often teach the skills needed for them to be successful in their job.

“Torn”- Natalie Imbruglia:  If a candidate wants to stay with the company they are currently working for, remind them that 80% of people who choose to accept a counter offer from their current employer leave for a new position in 6 months.

“Mo Money, Mo Problems” - The Notorious BIG featuring Mase and Puff Daddy:  Sometimes making a job offer isn’t about the money. Listen to your candidates wants, needs and desires. They may want a prestigious title, more vacation time, scheduling flexibility, or a growth opportunity that takes them out of their comfort zone over money.

“Mama Said Knock You Out” - LL Cool J:  When you make an offer, go above and beyond what they ask for (whenever possible).  If you give them a better offer than expected, they won’t hesitate to join your company.

“This is How We Do It” - Montell Jordan:  At Alaant, we find great people for clients every day. We’ve proven it through our award-winning process designed to find top candidates who stay long-term with the client organizations they’re placed.  We care, listen and support our clients and our candidates every step of the way.

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Jamie Toolan

Jaime Toolan, Senior Talent Resource Manager, Alaant Workforce Solutions

Jaime is passionate about building Tech Valley’s technical workforce. Jaime values integrity as a recruiter and believes being honest and ultimately doing what is best for the client builds successful relationships. In his downtime, he enjoys watching the New York Yankees and plays softball and golf when he can.

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