How Back to School Will Affect Employers: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

A new school year is just around the corner, but it’s not just students, parents and families that need to be preparing. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the start of school will place new and challenging burdens on employers.

The balance between supporting employees and ensuring an organization’s work gets done has never been more tenuous. Here are 5 key considerations for employers as they strive to keep business moving forward once the school bell rings.

The workplace won’t return to normal when school starts.

While schools have the green light to reopen, districts are typically offering choices: in-person learning, remote learning, or a hybrid structure. This means many, if not most, students will spend at least some time learning at home. That will put more responsibility on parents to make sure their children are actively engaged in their studies.

Even if employees have returned to the office, workplaces will be disrupted.

As restrictions have eased and workplaces slowly reopened, some employers have gradually brought employees back to the office. Now, they must be prepared to shift gears if parents have to be at home with school-age children. The need for increased flexibility could have an impact on office dynamics and productivity.

Planning is critical to ensure business stays on track.

Employers need to be putting plans in place immediately that enable the workload to be covered even as situations change. Start by assessing how, when and where your employees get their work done. Then, use that information to align responsibilities and schedules so that business continues to forge ahead.

One-size-fits-all plans won’t cut it.

Your employees likely come from multiple school districts, each of which has a different plan for reopening. Even within the same district, there are different plans for elementary, middle and high schools. The bottom line is that employers need to work with employees individually to understand how they’re affected, and then build schedules that work for both the employee and the company.

Respect employees that are not affected by school.

Not every employee has children in school; that doesn’t give employers carte blanche to place extra work on them, or require them to spend additional time in the office. It’s important to take care of those employees: give them opportunities to work remotely, consider buying lunch if they’re in the office, and be sure to say “thank you” for their efforts. These actions can go a long way toward keeping morale high.

Employers need to be doing their homework now so they’re ready when school gets underway. The expert team at Alaant is always available to help your organization pass the test with flying colors. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation!

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