Employers That Care Should be Asking Every Employee This Question

At a time when the global pandemic has thoroughly disrupted our way of life – and cases of stress, anxiety and depression are rising rapidly – the need to show caring and respect for others has never been greater. This is true across all segments of society, and the workplace is no exception.

Many organizations have invested significant time and resources to transition into virtual work environments. But these new technologies for working, collaborating and driving productivity can only take you so far; your success depends on putting the same effort into maintaining your corporate culture and ensuring your team stays together.

Showing Employees They Are Valued

Employees want to feel valued and know you care about them – now more than ever. Managers should be checking in with their team members regularly, and asking them this simple question: “How are you?” Of course, it needs to be a sincere approach to checking on their well-being; a supervisor who’s simply going through the motions can be spotted a mile away.

Rather than accepting “good” or “fine” as an answer, dig a little deeper. Ask some probing questions, without stepping over the line. Employees appreciate genuine caring, which tells them they are a valued part of your organization.

Team-Building at a Time of COVID

Employees also miss the opportunity to interact with one another, so it’s important to create team-building activities. And it’s perfectly fine to have some fun! At Alaant, our staff gathers virtually in a variety of venues: twice-a-week coffee hours, Wednesday lunchrooms, and happy hours every other Thursday. All are voluntary but well-attended, as our staff appreciates the chance to catch up with each other.

It’s also essential to keep employees up to speed on how your business is doing. If things are going well, tell them; it will be a relief amid the economic uncertainty. And if tougher times are ahead, they should hear it from you, rather than being blindsided. Above all, be honest and transparent – that also demonstrates to employees that you care about them.

Seasonal Challenges Also Affect Employees

Don’t forget, this time of year can bring additional challenges that can affect your employees’ well-being. The days are getting shorter, and the lack of sunlight can be difficult for some. And just around the corner is the holiday season which, while cheerful for many, can be a difficult time for those coping with the loss of loved ones or experiencing strained family relations. All the more reason for employers to show they care about their employees.

Showing you care about your team is not only the right thing to do, it’s good for business. Employees who feel valued and respected will be loyal to the organization, their productivity will increase, and not only will they be more likely to stay, they may also promote your company to other top performers as a great place to work.

Need assistance in attracting, hiring, developing and keeping a great team of employees? Alaant offers unparalleled expertise and resources. Let us know how we can help make your HR a home run! Contact us.

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Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner

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