Employers Are Hiring – Especially in These 3 Areas

While the economy has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean there aren’t job opportunities to be found. In fact, some employers are stepping up their recruiting efforts to fill growing needs.

Recently, the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company surveyed 800 business executives worldwide, asking them where they expected hiring to increase. Their responses consistently named three categories where jobs are expanding: health and safety professionals, technology employees, and remote workers. 

Recruiting Health and Safety Professionals

This should come as no surprise. In the COVID era, it is imperative for employers to keep the workplace safe from infectious disease. And of course, this issue is equally important across every segment of our communities. As a result, the need for skilled and trained health and safety professionals will continue to rise – and what may once have been viewed as a luxury is now considered a necessity.

Recruiting Technology Employees

We’ve all seen the increasing shift of work online, both in our workplaces and business in general. That will necessitate the hiring of more technology professionals, especially those with skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital customer experience, the cloud, and the internet of things. According to the McKinsey survey, more than two-thirds of executives plan to hire additional technology employees.

Recruiting Remote Workers

There was a time not long ago when remote work was frowned upon in many offices. Now, with so many companies going virtual, that assessment has changed dramatically. Since the pandemic, twice as many employers now say working virtually can be effective for their businesses, with the high tech, finance and insurance sectors leading the way.

Virtual Work: An Important Caveat

As the need to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace gains momentum, employers must recognize their responsibility to create a supportive environment. That includes developing policies to ensure all employees have the ability to work remotely. Leaving good employees behind because they lack resources, from a laptop to an internet connection, will be counterproductive for individuals, businesses and the economy.

Building a High-Performing Team

Savvy employers are responding to the evolving workplace by hiring employees that can succeed in this new environment. They know the time to build a productive team is now, so it’s firing on all cylinders as the economy rebounds. Alaant has helped hundreds of companies hire thousands of top performers, and we can do the same for your organization. Let’s start a conversation today! Contact us.

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Miriam Dushane

Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner

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