Back to the Job Search: How to Ease Out of Summer Mode

back to the job search

It’s that time of year—back to regular routines. If you do this right, this time of year can be like a fresh start, clean slate. So, if you’ve been a little lax on the job search front these past few months, no worries, here are some tips to get you back in the game.

Team up. Don’t Search Alone.

Find other fellow job seekers and form a team. Meet regularly, you can make this fun by meeting at a local coffee shop or restaurant. Set a meeting agenda so you stay on task. Assign topics to research (e.g., networking ideas, local companies to target) and report back to the group. Brainstorming with others will energize you!

Revive your Gym, Exercise Routine

Speaking of energy, there is no place like the gym or even your local neighborhood to re-energize yourself with a physical activity you like to do. Pick what works for you and ease back into it. In no time, you’ll be looking forward to your ‘gym’ time again. Research shows time and again that exercise is great for your gray matter. And exercising in the morning revs you up and gets you motivated and ready to tackle the day.

Get Back on a Schedule

Summer tends to be loose and unstructured. Plan your job search like it’s a job. Have specific daily tasks, add events to your calendar, get out from behind the computer or your mobile device and spend time doing real-world socializing with others.

Reconnect with Professional & Social Groups

RSVP to upcoming professional events. Find some here. Your university’s homecoming weekend or alumni events are great opportunities to network. Go ahead and introduce yourself to new parents at your kids’ soccer games or back-to-school nights. You never know, these introductions might lead to your next job, mentor or supportive friend.

Take Yourself “Back to Search” Shopping

Does your interview outfit need an update? Treat yourself while taking advantage of back-to-school sales to refresh your interview wardrobe with an updated style that fits well and makes you feel great! This really can change your outlook and get you pumped for getting serious once again with your back to the job search.

Moving out of summer mode can be hard. It’s helpful to do it slowly and give yourself a break. With these tips in mind, you’ll be back in the swing of things faster and easier. Sharpen those pencils, grab your power drink (i.e., coffee!) and make the best of this awesome time of year to find the right job for you.  alaant workforce solutions

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Michelle Conn

Michelle Conn, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Michelle is passionate about women succeeding in the workplace. She loves baseball, running and baking. She’s a dedicated non-profit board-member and volunteer. She calls the beach her happy place and is the mother of 3 boys.

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