Alaant Spotlight:

Tracy Solarek, Founder & Chief Inspirer of Optymum Potential LLC

Alaant Spotlight: Tracy Solarek, Founder & Chief Inspirer of Optymum Potential LLC
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What skills do you think are needed to be successful in today's workplace? 

While the shape of the workplace has changed dramatically over the past year, the skills it takes to be successful really haven’t. However, in this time of social distancing and working remotely, emotional intelligence (EI) has emerged as THE skill which individuals and businesses stand the most to benefit from by focusing on it now.    

EI is the ability to be aware of, understand, and work with our emotions and influence others’ emotions. This leads to clearer communication, improved cooperation, and, ultimately, greater success at both the personal and organizational levels. 

In the past, we had ample opportunities to engage with others — in break rooms or informal chats at the beginning/end of meetings — and become attuned with their emotions. But in today’s two-dimensional workplace, applying EI takes a lot more effort and purposeful intention. Not only are we required to engaged with others on different platforms, we also need to tap different parts of our brain to engage our EI. Just like learning to use muscle groups in your body, learning to engage new areas of your brain takes time and practice.  And, in much the same way one works with a trainer at the gym, working with a certified EI trainer can help individuals develop skills more quickly and achieve their fullest potential.

Today, professional EI trainers are engaging with individuals and organizations of varying sizes to develop customized solutions to develop EI skills in individuals, re-energize teams, and building comradery. EI training is helping professionals and organizations adapt to the “new normal” and find success on many levels.

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More About Tracy Solarek, MBA

In 2020, Tracy took the leap from the corporate world to start Optymum Potential LLC. Optymum is dedicated to providing professional development using proven and innovative solutions to unveil potential and impact your bottom line.  Partnering with organizations to achieve their goals is Tracy’s passion.

As a solutions-oriented leader, Tracy brings expertise in identifying and executing strategies to reverse underperforming operations using business analysis, change readiness assessments, and proactive communication skills. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence & 360​ with 25 years' of professional experience across many industries.   

Tracy Solarek

Founder & Cheif Inspirer
Optymum Potential LLC

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