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The Alaant Advisor is our column focused on all things going on in the world of recruiting, job placement, and search. Think of it as your weekly briefing—a handy, quick guide to what's going on.

Here's what's happening this week:


Got A Criminal Record? Will Hire: Businesses Pledge to Give Formerly Incarcerated a Chance

By: Charisse Jones via USA Today

Michael Clark got out of jail in 2013. But he arguably got his first true taste of freedom when he landed a full-time job. “Just having something positive to do is very important,’’ says Clark, who once dealt drugs. The 24-year-old said that earning $20 an hour doing construction work has enabled him to get his own apartment in Brooklyn. But finding a job took years…

Ex-Googlers, Stanford Professors, And Startup Ceos Share Their Best Advice on Making a Career Change

By: Shana Lebowitz via Business Insider

The devil you know is, presumably, better than the devil you don't. That's why so many of us stay stuck in a job, an industry, or a lifestyle that's not working out. But making a career change doesn't have to be intimidating. Ask an expert who's done it (or counseled hundreds of people who've done it) and they'll tell you it's about breaking down the transition into bite-size pieces and never letting fear be your guide. Below, we've listed practical tips on changing careers…

IT isn’t Just About Technical Skills Anymore

By: Kazuhiro Gomi via CIO

Success Formula: Understand Business, Communicate, Collaborate. One of the long-standing misconceptions about a career in information technology — at least among some people — is that it’s all about the technical skills. Technical skills are certainly important — you can’t build applications if you can’t write code ­— but most successful IT workers these days will need to be more well-rounded. The days of the stereotypical coder working alone in a dark basement are largely over. In particular, the most valuable IT workers will…

This Analogy Can Help You Create a Happier, More Innovative Workplace

By: Kim Brimhall via Thrive

Have you ever heard of “the ketchup question”? Writer Dexter Thomas explained it well in his story for the Los Angeles Times about tech’s diversity problem, where he starts off asking, “Where do you keep your ketchup?”. If you’re like most people in the U.S., odds are that you keep your ketchup in the refrigerator. But depending on where you grew up, you might keep it in the cupboard. Imagine that you reach for the ketchup bottle and find it empty. You need a substitute sauce, and you grab whatever is nearby. If that bottle is…

slow hiring

It's Not Just You: 4 in 5 Americans Stressed Out from Poor Office Communication

By: Ben Tobin via USA Today

With today's technology, we have more ways to communicate than ever before. But that doesn't guarantee effective communication in every situation – including, or perhaps even especially, in the workplace. According to an annual survey from employee communication and engagement company Dynamic Signal, which interviewed 1,000 workers using independent market and advertising research firm Survata, 80 percent of workers feel stressed because of ineffective company communication…

Hot Candidates of the Week!

These are two of the best candidates we've seen this week. If you would like more information on either candidate, please reach out to us right away.

Katherine - Administrator / Registrar

Hartford, CT
  • Entered daily attendance records, grades, and document tracking into CampusVue software as well as built and maintained student education files.
  • Human Resources work such as on-boarding new hires, maintaining employee files, administering benefits, and processing weekly payroll for staff of 80 employees.
  • Processed nightly deposits of monies received at the campus and processed End of Month financials at the campus level
  • Purchased office supplies.
  • Processed student withdrawals, drops, and re-entries in accordance with ACCSC requirements.
  • Calculated and processed Return to Title IV funding.
  • Designated Employer Representative (DER) for the DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.
  • Generated and maintained Driver Qualification Files for instructors in accordance with 49 CFR 391.23.

Jennifer - Administrative Assistant / Office Manager

Albany, NY
  • Top-preforming, administrative professional with 9+ years of experience.
  • She’s has worked both as an Office Manager and as an Administrative Assistant and is very comfortable working in fast-paced, high volume environments.
  • With experience in scheduling appointments for up to 7 different locations, managing a call center staff and managing daily reporting, Jennifer would certainly make an immediate impact.
  • Her high-energy personality would be a great addition to any team!

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