5 Things to Do to Quit a Job with Style and Grace

5 Things to Do to Quit a Job with Style and Grace

by Shannon Smith

Inevitably, sometime in your life you may have to quit a job. Whether it’s due to issues you’re having with your current employer or you just found a fantastic new opportunity, it’s important to be considerate when taking your exit.

The decisions you make once you decide to quit will reflect on you as you move forward in your career so please be respectful, give official (formal) notice, and avoid burning bridges. 

Give Ample Notice

It’s standard practice to give at least a two-week notice to your employer when you resign. If you’re in a management or other specialized role, it’s a good idea to give even more notice (if possible). This will allow for enough time to wrap things up, hire another employee, if necessary, and make the transition following your exit easier. If you are applying to other positions, make the organizations you’re applying to aware of the fact you will be need to give notice to your current employer before starting in your new role.

Inform Your Boss Directly

The type of industry you’re in and the company culture dictate how you should deliver the news. Best practice is to request a meeting and let your boss know in-person. While it’s not necessary to explain every reason for your departure, it’s best to give some explanation (i.e., “I’ve accepted another position”) so your boss isn’t left wondering what led to your decision and if something could have been done to retain you as an employee.

Stay Positive

Flexible work arrangements can be the hours worked, job sharing, or the location where you work such as working from home. Determine what you are willing to offer and work with your employees on the specific arrangement. 

More importantly: support the flexibility! Create a flexible-friendly culture that embraces our mobile lifestyles. Don’t harp on face time in the office as being the only measure of an employee’s value, instead look at overall productivity. Chances are when people are given more flexibility, you’ll see more creativity and productivity from them. They’ll want to work harder for you and will be more loyal which could increase your retention rates and save you money in the long run. We can help you create a plan that’ll help your company get more flexible, contact us.

Finish Strong

Make sure after you give your notice that you continue to work hard and be the best co-worker and employee you can be. Don’t check out early. Remember, you may need your boss’ and colleagues’ endorsements later on and you never know if your paths may cross in different jobs somewhere down the road. 

Express Thanks

Finally, be sure you take the time to inform your co-workers about your decision to leave and share your gratitude with your teammates and managers for the positive impact they’ve had on you during your time with the company.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep putting your best foot forward for the entire duration of your employment. Leaving gracefully will help you to avoid burning bridges and keep things positive so you can end on a happy note and begin your new opportunity free and clear of any unnecessary stress.

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