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Information Technology

Lori - Software Application Analyst / Sr. System Administrator

  • Truly enjoys her work and is motivated by working with others and being able to solve issues
  • Managed a team of 7 regarding and software integrations/projects
  • Led various projects and software implementations along with a large-scale software integration system
  • Responsible for sending out ad-hoc reports at month end to ensure everything is reconciled on the finance side and information sent to physicians
  • Ensured policies & procedures and proper documentation compliance measures were met
  • Worked cross-functionally to support various departments
  • Experience with Windows XP, MS Word, Excel, ACCESS, Project Visio, Crystal Reports XI, Adobe, Surgical Information Systems (SIS), Soarian Financials, Soarian EDM/eHIM, Cerner MedSeries, FormFast, Wolters Kluwer ProvationMD

Ben - Programmer

  • Very passionate about programming
  • Experience using VBA, Access, SQL, queries, databases (daily)
  • Experience pulling data and creating reports or ad-hoc reports
  • Experience design and building applications based on need and maintenance
  • Experience creating training documentation and policy and procedures
  • Experience with cross-platform automation and creating repositories
  • Fluent in VBA Scripting, SQL, MS DOS, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, I Series (AS400), Cognos, Netsuite, Adobe-PhotoShop, Illustrator, CS 5.5, Acrobat and Type Manager, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, G Suite programs
  • Looking to stay in the programming field and make a positive impact with a company

Daniel - Business/Data Analyst

  • Very well spoken and energetic Business/Data Analyst
  • Fell in love with technology and data analysis while working as a Credit Operations Analyst
  • Experience with Visual Basic Applications (VBA), Microsoft Access, SQL
  • Built proprietary lending system with VBA
  • Created queries/manage database
  • Worked cross-functionally with teams addressing concerns at daily stand up meetings
  • Collected data to create KPI analytics reports for all levels of management
  • Experience with documentation and compliance measures

Garrett - Systems Engineer/Programmer

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (while working full time)
  • Created Git repository and shell bindings for Rest APIs with integrations to highly available solutions
  • Created proof of concepts for requests with new web servers using Chef
  • Worked on any bugs that may be identified
  • Experience with vanilla Kubernetes to ensure load balancing and building a scalable infrastructure
  • Experience with various platforms and building out architecture platforms
  • Experienced with AWS cloud and Microsoft cloud deployments that involve hybrid Azure AD, Intune, and Office 365.
  • Expert in a variety of object-oriented, scripting, and data manipulation languages that include PowerShell, Bash, C#, VB.NET, and T-SQL.
  • Experience with various languages:
    • Pre-basic, Program Note Pad, C, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python and most recently Golang

Frank - Application/Web Developer (.Net)

  • Loves what he does and being be part of a development team
  • Front and back end development (web, mobile, applications, software, SaaS)
  • Involved in all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • Heavy Agile environments (2 years)
  • Automation testing through Dynamo AWS code pipeline
  • .Net/C# 3.5 years (uses daily)
  • React 3 years (uses daily)
  • DevOps (2 years)
  • AWS Cloud (3 years)(daily)
  • MS SQL (3 years)/ MySQL (4 years)
  • Rest API 4 years
  • Web API (4 years)
  • Git (5 years)

Christa – Project Manager / Scrum Master

  • Project Management and QA Engineer experience working with a variety of teams and streamlined projects focusing on software from a global perspective.
  • Worked from beginning middle and end phase of the projects and would ensure budgets and timing were being met.
  • QA Engineering experience testing software, working to create and design master test plans, identifying any bottlenecks and overseeing any escalations and troubleshooting to rectify in a timely manner.
  • Experienced with Cloud Platforms.
  • Over saw multiple projects in software applications.
  • Managed development teams.
  • Managed projects and identified potential risks.
  • Experienced ScrumMaster.
  • Eager to be part of an organization and make a positive impact.


Tonya – Administrative Assistant

  • Professional, personable and poised
  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts
  • Experience reviewing policies and updating documents with newly approved materials
  • Maintained daily and weekly reporting and tracking via excel
  • Responsible for creating document packets, presentations, and data analysis for managers 
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Designed and implemented project tracking and timeline sheets
  • Distributed minutes to external/internal departments
  • Microsoft Office Proficient (Excel, Outlook, Word)
  • Interested in an administrative opportunity where she can continue to grow

Tina – Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

  • Very personable!
  • Enjoys working in fast paced roles and with all levels of clients
  • Great experience in Office Management and Administrative Assistance
  • Experience in client facing setting with phones/scheduling appointments and travel arrangements
  • Coordinated and set up for conferences
  • Contract negotiations and working with outside vendors
  • Currently runs her own business and is looking for a steadier role

Alexandra – Administrative Assistant

  • Extremely professional with a personable touch
  • Held various roles involving documentation, high level organization, and coordination.
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience assisting offices statewide and attorneys with training and development
  • Prepared and distributed documentation and templates
  • Communicated with clients to provide updates, paperwork, etc…
  • Strong organizational skills to oversee internal and external communication
  • Conducted research for lawyers and realtors
  • Followed deadlines to ensure everything was timely and compliant
  • Great addition to any team!
  • Looking for an administrative/clerical role where she can continue to learn and grow

Devon – Medical Office Assistant

  • Outgoing personality with a true passion for the medical field
  • Medical Office Assistant Certification
  • Currently studying online for bachelor’s degree
  • Experience scheduling/rescheduling patient appointments for 7 different doctors 
  • Experience coordinating with staff to prioritize visits based on patient needs 
  • Trained on phone and visit triaging 
  • Regularly communicates with both patients and providers to verify insurance coverage
  • Required to maintain full confidentiality of sensitive patient documentation 
  • Comfortable taking patient calls and assisting with questions when necessary 
  • Currently living in Pittsfield, MA and looking to relocate to Albany, NY

Colleen - Administrative Professional

  • Professional administrative candidate who brings 10+ years’ experience
  • Warm and welcoming attitude
  • Tracked information in Excel as an HR Coordinator and Staffing Associate
  • Ensured compliance was met for employers
  • Updated account information for employees and contractors
  • Created offer letters and performed detail-oriented work
  • Handled confidential and personal information
  • Created reports for managers
  • Experienced with HR support
  • Looking for a new administrative position where she can support an office


Taylor - Life Sciences Professional

  • Very polished and professional with impressive experiences and skills
  • Masters of Science in Biophysics and Medical Physiology
    • Bachelors of Science in Biology
  • Comfortable with many lab skills including cell culturing, western blot, PCR, protein purification, electrophoresis, and more
  • Served as a research assistant at the RNA Institute to study microRNAs and epigenetics 
  • Performed statistical analysis and collected and documented data from research
  • Worked in a hospital to collect patient specimens and document patients health following standards and protocol
  • Achieved CITI training certificates for various realms including Biosafety 

Isabella - BioSciences Professional

  • Professional, poised and process-driven
  • Thrives in a lab environment
  • Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Medical Biotechnology (May 2020)
  • Familiar with Molecular Bio techniques, Genetics, Plant Genetics, Straining, and Cloning
  • Written and revised SOPs
  • Enhanced the genetic makeup of plants
    • Recombined plasmids and cloned bacteria to create hybrid genes
    • Experience taking care of specimens, managing feeding, monitoring growth and reporting results
  • Experience extracting genetic material
  • Responsible for sample analysis and project management 
  • Mentored members of lab to enhance their learning experience 
  • Microsoft Office Proficient (Word, Outlook, Excel)
  • Isn’t scared to go the extra mile and out of her comfort zone

Matthew – Biology Professional

  • Passionate about sciences and looking to gain experience in the field
  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology (graduating May 2020)
    • Coursework includes: Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Methods of Biotechnology, Cell Culturing and PCR
    • Familiar with cGMP and SOPs
  • Experience preparing blood and urine samples for testing
  • Cleaned machines and organized inventory for animal hospital
  • Gathered soil sample, combined with water, placed on agar plate, and concluded results based on what grew on plates
  • Transferred samples from syringes to vials for testing
  • Prepared laboratory documentation
  • Loves making a difference and helping the community
  • Enjoys being a part of a team environment and is excited to learn more

Amy – Science/Biomedical Engineering Professional

  • Has a real love for science!
  • Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering (graduating May 2020)
  • Familiar with Gel Electrophoresis, PCR, calibration of instruments and SOPs
  • Maintained laboratory inventory and cleanliness
  • Performed statistical analysis of data
  • Test analysis and troubleshoot material strength for various design projects in undergrad
  • Experience evaluating different types of bioreactors
  • Updated client/clinical advisors on design results and best material to utilize
    • Maintained material usage within budget
    • Presented findings
  • Enjoys being in a role where she can continuously see results and support a team
  • Interested in an entry level role where she can continue to grow

Bailey – Science/Environmental Professional

  • Personable, poised and dedicated
  • Loves helping people and seeing the end result in a task
  • Experience collecting/analyzing samples in field including water, soil and pH samples
  • Performed labeling and cleaning of lab equipment
  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sustainability
    • Coursework includes: Biology, Geology, Evolutionary Biology, Anthropology, and more
  • Experience monitoring the flow of procedures in school office
    • Created timelines, managed confidential paperwork, and directed incoming calls
  • Researched sustainability in different counties and organized findings to create energy plan
  • Experience review data samples and charts – transcribing results
  • Maintained cleanliness of lab environment
  • Interested in a science position that will challenge her and offers work life balance

Dhimiter – Biology/Physics Professional

  • Recent graduate with bachelors of Science in Biology and Physics
  • Great experience performing research in the lab
  • Very passionate about quality of work
  • Performed research on artificial photosynthesis
  • Familiar with many lab techniques including various types of spectroscopy, gel electrophoresis, PCR, bacteria culturing, recombinant and synthetic DNA construction, and more
  • Served as a research intern for several years
  • Synthesized and characterized a model using FT-IR and Raman Spectroscopy
  • Seeking to begin his science career in a lab role

Roberto – Scientific Lab Professional

  • An enthusiastic and knowledgeable candidate
  • He is very professional and passionate about his studies!
  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a Minor in Chemistry (May 2020)
  • Coursework includes Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Biomedical Instrumentation, Biomonitoring and Electrophysiology, and Biomechanics
  • Performed research and literature review for detecting circulating RNA from HIV
  • Used sequencing tools and graphing software as an assistant researcher
  • Performed dissection on human cadavers and instructed students in the lab
  • Responsible for sterilizing lab and equipment
  • Completed dry lab work by using a simulation package to simulate cell membrane fusion at different cholesterol concentrations
  • Very comfortable and experience with both wet lab and dry lab work and research

Simi - Chemistry Professional

  • Friendly and engaging personality with a true passion for the science field
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Masters of Science in Chemistry (May 2020)
  • Conducts gel electrophoresis, centrifugation, and protein purification
  • Prepares cell cultures and familiar with PCR
  • Experience with proper lab documentation and following procedures
  • Served as a Computational Chemistry Research Assistant
  • Performed molecular dynamics simulation
  • Developed enhanced sampling molecular dynamics protocol
  • Experience presenting research at conferences to peers, professors, and companies
  • Analyzed food samples for toxins and added chemicals to extract compounds for the Wadsworth Lab
  • A great addition to any team with her knowledge and continued dedication to learning!
  • Looking for a lab-based or computational role focusing on chemistry

Timothy - Process Sciences/ Chemical Engineering Professional

  • Professional, personable and well-spoken.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering (Graduating in May 2020)
    • Project that produced hydrogen, ran current through water and extracted hydrogen to fuel cell produced energy
    • Familiar with distillation columns, separation and sensitivity analysis
  • Experience delivering detailed results of tick samples to customers
    • Individuals would send in samples for testing and he would interpret data to customers over phone and via email
    • Prepare samples for lab team
    • Calibrate instruments prior to use
  • Created a gas chromatograph out of old parts and overall goal was catalysis research
    • Analyzed peak time and retention time of compounds
  • Experience managing a team and delegating tasks – presented findings on behalf of group in proposal and data
  • Familiar with root cause analysis
  • Interested in a hands-on position where he can build a career

Other Professional Areas

Don - Accountant

  • Brings a great mix of public and in-house accounting experience
  • A true passion for accounting
  • Associate’s in Accounting & Occupational Studies
  • Experience’s include:
    • General Ledger/Journaling
    • Payroll (ADP)(COBRA)(taxes)(401K)
    • Reconciliation
    • Bank deposits
    • Reports
    • Taxes (quarterly)(state & federal) & Audits
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Year-end closings
  • Looking for stability in next role

Mickey - C-Level Leader

  • Commercial sales experience in both international/national
  • Significant experience with business growth and sales with highly complex products
  • Mentored growing business/teams
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
  • Looking for a new opportunity where he can make a positive impact with a company

Rebecca - Staff Accountant

  • Handled accounts payable/receivable, payroll and monthly billing reconciliations
  • Assisted with financial statements, budget forecasting and prepared yearly 1099 for vendors
  • Updated standard operating procedures (SOPs) and training manuals
  • Implemented large scale inventory management software system
  • Currently enrolled to finish her bachelor’s degree in accounting

Tanya - National Field Business Director

  • Great energy and personality!
  • Leader who thrives off from working with people and being a problem-solver
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Built and Oversaw National and Regional teams
  • Experienced with inventory management/project management
  • Experience working cross-functionally
  • Experience pulling and creating data, creating reports
  • Reviewed data analytics to see how they can take an idea from concept and bring it to fruition
  • Experience with QA, Tableau, Microsoft Word, Outlook, SQL
  • Looking for an opportunity to showcase her skill set and assist in making a significant impact

Susan - Global Leader & Strategic Planner

  • Very polished and energetic!
  • C-Level Global Leader with in-depth strategic planning and development experience
  • A wealth of experience building and leading teams in various markets
  • Helped companies build their strategic growth initiatives
  • Identified ways to improve business revenue while reducing operational costs
  • Understands how consumer experience influences business
  • Experience with data analytics, integration, market trends and identifying ways to improve and grow markets
  • Mapped out ways to improve and work with key stakeholders to spur growth
  • Worked with various vendors, trade marketing and eCommerce

Bryton - Inventory/Logistics Coordinator

  • Friendly with a smile to remember!
  • Highly responsive and very professional communication skills
  • Customer service and data related background
  • Strength and familiarity in multiple aspects of the retail environment, from the back-end logistics organization and analysis to the front-end customer experience.
  • Strong data entry having used an Order Management System to perform budget analysis and inventory audits
  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design
  • Created attractive data presentations
  • Ready for his next challenge that allows for expansion and growth. He is sure to make a positive impact on his new team

Joseph - Marketing Professional

  • Joseph is an energetic and polished with strong conversational skills.
  • Bachelor of Arts, English & Photography
  • Background in Marketing and Project Management
  • Skilled in content creation, public relations, social media marketing, videography and photography
  • Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office Suite
  • Very creative, enjoys photography and creating content
  • Experience managing an $80K marketing budget and increasing social media followers by 500% in two years
  • Actively seeking new opportunities in the marketing space

Holly - Logistics / Production Planner

  • Polished, professional and brings a wealth of leadership and logistics knowledge after serving 5-years in the Navy and 7-years in the Airforce
  • Airforce deployment in Kuwait 2018-2019
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Took initiative to deplete a cargo backlog by 95% - Won an award for her accomplishment last year!
  • Familiar with the supervising and training of six to ten personnel
  • Skills in organizing cargo and inventory for loading
  • Experience troubleshooting technical/electrical calibration on ships and planes
  • Primarily worked with cargo and calibration in a military environment
  • Loyal and brings longevity in her previous and current roles
  • Takes initiative and works well in a team environment
  • Active in her community would be a strong representative of your organization
  • Reputable new addition to any team!

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