With Hiring So Tough, Should You Consider Recent College Graduates?

The biggest challenge facing companies these days is finding and hiring great employees. So why aren’t they considering one of the fastest-growing talent pools available?

Most employers tell us when it comes to filling job openings, they’re generally not recruiting recent college graduates. But should they be? In a tight job market, it’s certainly something to consider. Here are the pros and cons to weigh in making that decision.

Positive aspects of hiring new college grads

With newly minted diplomas in hand, recent college graduates are excited to begin their professional careers. They’re open to learning new things and to experimenting in different roles. And since they’re new to the workforce, they can be molded into the employee you need, without having to work around bad habits or prior experiences.

There are other benefits, as well. They bring energy and enthusiasm to your organization. They’re tech-savvy, having grown up with and used technology for their entire lives. Having always lived with the internet and 24/7 cable news, they’re tuned in to the world around them, from issues in their own communities to global concerns. And, given their comfort with using social media, they can help your organization connect with prospects, customers and stakeholders through direct and proactive communication.

Downsides to hiring recent college grads 

First and foremost, new college graduates often lack experience, not only in job-related skills but also in working in the business environment. They haven’t had to interact and communicate with colleagues or be accountable for meeting deadlines. So, they’ll need training, and that takes time, energy and resources.

In addition, they come without a work history. As an employer, you have no track record to go on: is this a loyal employee interested in growing with the organization, or one who’ll look to leave once another opportunity arises?

So what’s the verdict?

The decision companies need to make is this: what’s most important in helping to meet your short- and long-term goals? Can you absorb a learning curve now, knowing it will pay dividends down the road? Or, is there already so much on your plate that you need all-hands-on-deck to get the work done? The answers to those questions will help to determine whether recruiting and hiring recent college graduates is right for your organization.

Guiding companies through processes such as this is something the experts at Alaant do best. We’re experienced at assessing your existing workforce and recruiting process, and lending the support you need to raise the bar. Interested in learning more? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started!

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Miriam Dushane

Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner

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