Why It’s Time to Take a Hybrid Approach to Recruiting

We’ve learned many things about the workplace during the pandemic: employees can be just as, if not more, productive working remotely; businesses can tap into digital tools and systems to streamline operations and increase efficiencies; and connections with team members, customers and clients can be maintained and cultivated on a virtual basis.

Similarly, we can apply those lessons learned to the world of recruiting. Many organizations forced to shift their recruitment, hiring, onboarding and engagement processes due to COVID-related restrictions saw unexpected improvements in those areas. Not only is it possible to attract, acquire, engage and retain great employees using a virtual approach, in many cases it can be done more effectively. So, given that reality, why go back to the “old” way of recruiting? 

Recruiting: pre-pandemic vs. post-pandemic 

Think about the way organizations recruited employees before the pandemic took hold. Jobs posted, resumes reviewed, multiple rounds of in-person interviews conducted, skills and references checked, a job offer made, and onboarding of a new employee. Now, consider the staff time and energy involved in each step: coordinating schedules for candidates and interview participants; tracking down references via telephone; an onboarding process that too often falls victim to the daily demands of the workday. 

New methods implemented over the past year revealed tremendous efficiencies gained by using a virtual approach. Interviews are more easily scheduled and conducted using Zoom, and companies can still interact directly with a candidate. Digital tools yield faster and better information when contacting references. And the onboarding and engagement processes can still be done well online, from virtual office tours to new employee lunches to video meetings with supervisors and colleagues. 

If it’s not broken, why fix it?

Most importantly, employers using this new approach to recruiting haven’t skipped a beat; in fact, many have seen significant improvements. By reducing the number of in-person interviews, the time commitment for current employees has been lessened, and the recruiting cycle has been shortened. That means job offers are being expedited and companies have a better chance to land top talent.

This will become increasingly important in the weeks and months to come. Experts predict a surge of job seekers will hit the market – people who are ready to make a job change and finally believe it is safe to do so. With vaccinations rising and restrictions being eased, they’re ready to test the waters, and employers that are agile will be primed to attract them. 

This is not the time to return to the cumbersome recruiting process from before the pandemic. Instead, adopt a hybrid approach that combines the best of both worlds: tried-and-true techniques with new approaches that have proven to deliver results.

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About the Author

Miranda March Digital Strategist for Alaant Workforce Solutions

Miranda March, Digital Communications Specialist

Miranda has a real knack for connecting the dots between employers and job seekers. She prides herself on keeping a pulse on the national and local hiring markets. In her downtime, she enjoys cooking new foods and spending time with her family. A little-known fact about Miranda is her love of video games, new and old.