Who Are You? Creating an Employer Brand Strategy

For those of a certain age, it was among the anthems of the legendary rock band The Who. For those of another age, it was the theme to the popular “CSI” TV series. Whichever category you fall into, the song “Who Are You” also has important meaning for today’s employers as they compete for top talent.

Increasingly, the organizations with a recognized name, strong reputation, and solid credibility attract the best employees. For that reason, it’s incumbent upon companies to get the word out about who they are and why they’re a great place to work. That effort starts with the creation of an Employer Brand Strategy.

What is an Employer Brand?

Put simply, your employer brand is the reputation of your organization as a workplace. It’s no different than a restaurant, car, or clothing line: the name carries a connotation, for better or worse, and consumers – or in this case, employees – will react accordingly.

In today’s environment, potential candidates are checking out what your company has to offer. They’re doing online searches, reading employee reviews, and talking to others in their professional network. What they hear about your business will directly affect their interest in pursuing a position; and if they hear nothing, that can be seen as a negative.

The bottom line is that most people have no idea what your company does or stands for – so even if you’re a great place to work, it won’t help if no one knows it. For that reason, you need to be proactive in spreading the word. 

Developing an Employer Brand Strategy 

Creating an Employer Brand Strategy offers an opportunity to talk about the reasons why your organization is an employer of choice. Several key elements can help you get started.

First, highlight your corporate mission and values. Great employees want to work for companies that stand for more than profits. Discuss the great benefits of your products or services, the investments you make in your workforce, and the positive impact you have in your community, and provide concrete examples of how you’re “walking the talk.”

Next, define what you do that people care most about, and then use testimonials and recommendations to show how you do it. Remember, while it’s great to say nice things about yourself, it’s even more effective when someone else shares positive words about you. 

Finally, be confident in engaging with prospective employees. Proud of the workplace you’ve created and/or are part of? Communicating that pride speaks volumes to those considering whether to apply to your organization. 

The experts at Alaant can walk you through the development and creation of an Employer Brand Strategy that showcases how and why your company is a preferred establishment. Interesting in learning more? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started!

About the Author

Tom Schin Director, Talent Acquisition Partnerships & Recruiting Consulting Services for Alaant Workforce Solutions

Tom SchinDirector, Talent Acquisition Partnerships & Recruiting Consulting Services

When he’s not working, Tom is an avid board game enthusiast, from Catan to Canasta, who makes sure game night is fun for everyone (even though they’ll probably lose). He’s also fond of celebrating his status as a child of the ‘80s by watching Star Wars, listening to U2, and reminiscing about his (gone-but-not-forgotten) Andre Agassi haircut.