Build a Winning Team That Hits it Out of the Park!

Alaant’s, Tom Schin shares strategies for building a winning team that is loyal & productive and hits it out of the park.

Oh! Hey folks, just getting my flag up for the start of the season. Spring training is almost wrapped up, so this is a great time for a sports analogy.

As an employer when you think about sports jerseys is it about the name on the front of the Jersey or on the back? 

Meaning are you more about the team or more about the individual?

Did you answer team? Of course, you did, you're an employer who wants a strong team, including people who want to be part of the momentum you've built.

Guess what that's not how the candidate market is working right now, it just isn't.

Like it or not, the hiring process is a two-way street and unless you can draft your employees like in the major leagues, we should talk about how you can adjust your approach. 

Fans of the name on the front of the jersey are thinking we need employee loyalty. We want you, the candidate to show us how you're interested in us. If you're not about the team, we may not be that interested.

Let's spin this the other way. The way the candidates are thinking. These days, I need to know that I'm not just a number. I want to feel like my contributions matter to the company and connect with my values. I also want a career path to grow professionally long term. I have to take care of my family and if I don't feel that connected, I might not be interested.

The reality is the majority of candidates are team players. But if you're trying to attract and retain great talent which we all are, you need to take advantage of the door being open and show them how, why, and where they fit within your organization.

Start working with your hiring managers on how to screen people in, yes screen them in. That means find the aptitude, transferable skills, and potential to learn all the essentials necessary to be successful in their roles. 

If you invest in them, develop their skills, and give them a chance to get on the field, chances are you'll have a great long-term employee who will demonstrate that loyalty and productivity you're looking for.

The experts at Alaant are here to help you find that next run producer, whatever runs look like in your business. Have a comment or question post it below or give us a little hit online at

Looking forward to catching up with you soon, take care.

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