What Does It Mean to Really Vet a Job Candidate?


When it comes to recruiters vetting a job candidate, it’s time to start getting real. Unfortunately, there are too many “recruiters” that say they are vetting their candidates, and the truth is they just aren’t. It’s common practice for “recruiters” to pull resumes off job boards, databases and the like and in some cases not even talk to the candidate before presenting them for a role. Those same “recruiters” will often have a brief phone call with the candidate where they don’t actually learn anything about them other than that they are still available and would be interested in the role they are trying to fill. This is NOT what can be considered vetting a candidate.

My advice is to get proof! Ask the firm you are working with for specific details about the process along with a copy of their interview notes AND then ask the candidate if they met (not just a phone call) with the “recruiter”.

At Alaant, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive vetting process. For our practice, vetting a candidate means:

  • We meet with them in person and actually conduct a face-to-face real live interview with them.
  • We spend time getting to know the candidates, we ask questions about their background and experience and we find out what their future career goals are so we can make informed recommendations that align with what our clients’ need to fill the role from both a skill set and culture fit.
  • We conduct reference checks, we do professional skills assessment testing and we verify their education credentials.
  • We perform a thorough criminal background check for any candidates selected for hire.

We do all of the above so we can confidently advocate for the candidate we are recommending while keeping the employer’s (our client’s) best interest top of mind.

For job seekers and employers alike, it’s important to make sure you are working with a reputable recruiter who performs due diligence, interviews candidates and is an advocate for you and not just in it for the placement fee.

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About the Author

Monica Sweeney

Monica Sweeney, Resource Manager, Alaant Workforce Solutions

Monica weaves her enthusiasm and infectious energy into all she does to help represent the Alaant brand to visiting clients. Her entrepreneurial spirit serves her well and she even owned her own cupcake business as a senior in high school. She is a proud Siena College grad where she studied management and entrepreneurship.

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