Unrealistic Expectations:
Are They Negatively Impacting Your Hiring Success?

Unrealistic Expectations Are They Negatively Impacting Your Hiring Success

The local job market is doing well and job seekers have their choice of employment opportunities these days. If this is the case, do you happen to be wondering why you can’t fill open positions in your organization? Perhaps it’s time for a reality check.

Here are just a few examples of how you could be impeding your hiring success:



Are you moving too slow (read: speed of a snail) when it comes to hiring for an open position? Could it be because you’re waiting for “the perfect match?” If yes, your organization is probably missing out on a good hire. Look at the qualities and skills of the candidate and how they will fit into your culture. Someone who is a cultural fit and a 90% skills match would still be a great hire. 
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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Candidates are not staying on the market for long. In fact, people actively looking for a job and even those passively being recruited for a new position are going quickly right now. Gone are the days with high unemployment and a flood of resumes. Once a candidate is on the market, they are receiving multiple offers. If you have two solid candidates to choose from, don’t wait for a better one to come along because they likely won’t.

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Cumbersome Hiring Process

Is your hiring process slowing you down? Do you need to do 3-5 interviews within your company to even get to the point of making an offer? If so, you can and will lose the candidate of your choice. Job seekers at every level are receiving multiple offers. Consider conducting group interviews and invite all the right people to interview the candidate the same day, if possible. Read our blog: Death by Hiring Process for more about why this can stand in the way of hiring success. 

Keeping it real

Keeping it Real

Make sure to set realistic expectations when it comes to the job duties required for the open position, including salary and what is truly a need and what can be taught. Waiting for the elusive Purple Squirrel resume to come across your desk impedes your ability to hire and respond quickly in this employment market.

As always, our team is ready to help you improve your hiring process  alaant workforce solutions

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