Top 5 Must-Haves for Today’s Job Seekers

Top 5 Must-Haves for Today’s Job Seekers

If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that things are constantly changing including today’s job market. Since the job market has shifted to favor the job seeker, employers need to be on their game. At the same time, those of you out there looking for a job need to know there’s no reason to settle for anything less than the best fit for you.

Here’s our list of the top 5 non-negotiables a workplace/job opportunity needs to offer in today’s world:

1. Great Reputation

The reputation of the company needs to be positive. Check Glassdoor. Research the leadership team. Do a Google search to find their latest news headlines. Is the company profitable? How is turnover? If a company is experiencing a high turnover rate, be sure to ask some tough questions to find out why it is so high.
flexible-friendly workplace environment

2. Modern, flexible-friendly workplace environment

Do they offer the latest technology devices to work efficiently and productively? What’s the vibe when you walk through the office? Is it well-lit? Is it stocked with modern amenities? Also be sure to check out their policies about flexibility. Do they offer the opportunity to work from home sometimes? How about flex-time? Ask to speak to some current employees about how this policy works. Read our recent blog detailing how workplaces can get more flexible here.

Work Life Balance

3. Work/Life Balance

When you speak with current employees or read reviews on Glassdoor, are you getting the impression the company values work/life balance? If not, think twice. Yes, work is work and you need to work hard to execute some projects or meet a goal or stay on deadline, but once completed do they give comp time off? How flexible and understanding will they be about life moments? Quiz them during your interview. Give a hypothetical life situation (e.g., your child becomes ill during work hours; your sister’s car breaks down and you have to go rescue her at 2PM) and see how they react.

Company Culture

4. Company Culture

Is it inclusive? Do you get the sense they embrace diversity and openness? Is it collaborative? Will you feel included? Are they actively involved in giving back to the community? If you work hard, what do they offer in terms of career advancement? Do they offer educational opportunities, training and leadership development? Do they care about your career and personal growth?
Company Culture

5. The Things You Want

It can’t be the same old stuff; not in a highly competitive job market like this. Yes, they need a 401(k) match and stock options, if applicable. But how about generous PTO (unlimited vacation), a family leave policy (that goes beyond state mandated), a gym or fitness room (for yoga or Zumba classes) and cafeteria (with healthy options) onsite plus fun, team-building activities and gatherings?

These 5 must-haves won’t necessarily land you the job of your dreams (that you have to do on your own or with our help!), but they can help you decide which companies to apply to and how you go about your search. And if you’d like our help, please contact us.  alaant workforce solutions

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Amy Alvarez, Director – Talent Acquisition

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