Top 10 Reasons to Never Accept a Counteroffer

Why You Should Absolutely NOT Accept a Counteroffer

A long time ago, way back in 2015, a guy named David Letterman hosted a television talk show called “The Late Show.” While “not accepting a counteroffer from your current employer” was never a foil for a comedy skit, instead of boring you with statistical jambalaya and quotes from highly paid experts featured in articles (that few actually read).

Drumroll, please... Here are the top 10 reasons why you do not want to accept that counteroffer:

#10- Your employer now knows you are no longer committed- you will be treated differently moving forward
#9- Layoffs will begin with you
#8- You have ended your career path with this company- no more promotions
#7- Counteroffers are always better for the employer- never for you
#6- Your employer just gave themselves some “time” to find your cheaper replacement
#5- Now they are going to pay you more?  Why not before you resigned?
#4- Do you really want to work for a company that tries to pay the least amount possible for talent?
#3- Are you really getting more money?  Or did they just give you an advance on your next raise?
#2- Money does not solve the underlying issue of why you started to look for a new job - money is usually never the top reason
And, the #1 reason for not accepting a counteroffer from your current employer is:
#1- Experts agree (go ahead and google it) 80% of employees who take counteroffers are out of a job in 6 months and 90% who take counteroffers will not be there in 18 months.

Instead of taking a blue cue card with this list on it and throwing it through a window at your desk à la Letterman, please take some advice from a recruiter with almost 20 years of experience: counteroffers rarely work out. As for the friends and co-workers you leave behind, you can always take them out for lunch or join them for happy hour. 
In today’s business world, there is no excuse for not accepting a better opportunity to further your career and be appreciated for what you bring to the table. The economy is rocking and the unemployment rate continues to drop, which translates to better opportunities & more money for great talents like you.
Thank you and good luck!    

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Jaime Toolan

Jaime Toolan, Senior Talent Resource Manager

Jaime is passionate about building Tech Valley’s technical workforce. He led the efforts to recruit valuable IT talent to the area and now specializes in finding ServiceNow Technical Experts nationwide. Jaime values integrity as a recruiter and believes being honest and ultimately doing what is best for the client builds successful relationships. He also finds himself buying chocolate regularly to keep his co-workers happy. In his downtime, he enjoys watching the New York Yankees and also plays softball and golf when he can. 

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