The Workforce Advisor:
Benefits of Working with a Recruiting Agency

Why Work With a Recruiting Firm?

There’s a good chance your company has an HR department. If so, a natural question might be, “Why should we work with a recruiting agency?” The reality is that a recruiting firm can help an organization find and hire better employees faster, and save them time and money in the process. In fact, a recruiting agency can be a powerful partner in helping companies to build a productive workforce necessary to achieve critical business objectives.

Recruitment Firms Can Save You Time

How? Start with time. Recruiting is a time-consuming process, and the historically low unemployment rate has made that effort even more difficult. Add to that the growing number of regulations that companies must stay on top of, and you’re left with an HR department that is overburdened, swamped with paperwork, and unable to dedicate the time needed to source, vet, interview and hire the right employees.

Access to World-Class Resources

Alaant is well positioned to assist organizations in addressing that situation head on. We can work with existing HR teams to fill in gaps where needed, or take over the recruiting function entirely. We have access to resources, tools and technologies most companies don’t. And we can dedicate the time needed to ensure good hires are made – going beyond simply forwarding resumes to skills testing, interviewing and reference checking every candidate we present to an employer.

Recruiting Expertise Across Industries

Further, we have a skilled team of professional recruiters that are experts in their fields, from IT, science and engineering to health care, finance, sales and administrative roles. They know what makes a great candidate, and even better, they come to the table with vast networks in each of those sectors. 

Talent Acquisition Partnerships & Employer Brand Strategy

Most importantly, we provide creative solutions so companies can attract, engage and retain great employees that fit with their culture. Among them are Talent Acquisition Partnerships, which provide flexible, on-demand staffing solutions, and Employer Brand Strategy, which delivers a comprehensive plan to improve the perception, and reality, of your organization as a preferred employer.

Creating a high-performing team is the first step toward business success, and Alaant gives employers a competitive advantage that pays long-term benefits. Contact us today so we can discuss your workforce needs!

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