The Key Advantage of Project-Based Hiring: More Quality Hires Faster

Key Advantage Project-based Hiring More Quality Hires Faster Talent Acquisition Partnership

Creativity, flexibility and speed are important in many aspects of business. This is certainly true in today’s recruiting landscape where companies are dealing with record low unemployment rates. This is why it’s more important than ever for companies to be diligent in their efforts to find quality employees and work with recruiting partners that can help them scale to meet their business needs. The reality is that far too many companies are struggling to effectively find the talent they need in a timely manner. 

Alaant Workforce Solutions (“Alaant”) has recently expanded its services to allow organizations to grow their business quickly while keeping costs low. When you leverage Alaant’s Talent Acquisition Partnership model, you essentially get a recruiting “SWAT Team” that is solely dedicated to your success. We follow a project-based approach to building out your team and once your recruiting needs are met for that project, we part ways and wait until you have another project where you may need our support. This approach can work for situations that require only a single role to be filled or to meet the hiring needs of an entire company.

The Challenge:

  • Dedicated recruiter(s) only working on recruitment strategies for the roles you need to fill
  • Constant communication of analytics to understand the market for talent
  • Access to recruiting technology that would cost an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement on their own
  • The ability to increase or decrease the project scope as needed (e.g., weekly) once you start to build your candidate pipeline
  • A predictable cost model that is typically 42% less than traditional recruiting services
  • Quality hires found and onboarded faster

Alaant has had a lot of success helping companies switch from a contingency-based to a project-based hiring model. We pride ourselves on ‘hitting the ground running.’ We meet with you and ask thoughtful questions to learn your culture, requirements and budget. With this in-depth understanding, we are able to find the best fit customized to your needs so we can be a true partner in helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

If you’re currently in a situation similar to the scenarios listed below, you may find that leveraging our Talent Acquisition Partnership gets you results faster.

  • Recruiters are out on leave
  • Burst hire situations (need to hire a large number of new recruits in a tight timeframe)
  • No internal recruiting capabilities available
  • Need to scale quickly with minimal resources
  • Budget constraints for technology investments in recruitment
  • Only have a single role to fill
  • Require a constant pipeline of talent (e.g., sales positions)

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We’d love the opportunity to bring these benefits to your organization. Let’s connect.

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Nick Maciariello

Nick Maciariello, Director of Sales, Alaant Workforce Solutions

When it comes to making great hiring decisions, Nick is all about delivering the best outcomes to clients. To do this, he helps them understand the value that HR technology adds to the hiring process to streamline it and make it more effective. On his own time, he enjoys a round of golf and being with his family.

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