Temporary Employment: A Great Solution for Employees and Employers

Whether you’re looking for a job or trying to fill a position, the labor market is challenging. Chalk it up to the economic fallout from the global pandemic, which is making it difficult for candidates to find new careers, and for employers to attract top employees.

Both job-seekers and organizations need to get creative – and one of the best approaches right now is temporary employment. The number of temporary positions is surging, and both employees and employers are finding them to be the right solution at the right time.

Why is temporary employment growing rapidly?

For employees – and particularly those who lost jobs as a result of the economic downturn – a temporary position is a chance to get back in the game. And while the goal of securing a permanent, full-time position remains, a temp role can be a lifeline that sustains a candidate as his or her job search continues.

From an employer’s perspective, the answer is simple: it’s a cost-effective way to align employee count with the work that needs to get done. Hiring temporary employees allows employers to maintain productivity without making a long-term hire they’re not ready for.

Temporary employment: what’s in it for employees?

Accepting a temporary position gives you a chance to check out a company before making a commitment. It’s also an opportunity to test out an entirely new industry, which may be especially important to someone in the hard-hit restaurant, retail, tourism or hospitality sectors considering a career change. And with a temporary role, you’re getting paid while you continue to build your skills and professional network.

Perhaps best of all, a temporary position gets your foot in the door, and as we know, that’s often the best way to gain permanent employment. At Alaant, 80 percent of our temp jobs turn into permanent positions, including many in professional roles. Need further convincing? Two of the temps we placed in the past month have already transitioned to permanent positions, with annual salaries above $70,000.

Temporary employment: what’s in it for employers?

No one is sure where the economy is headed. By hiring temporary employees, an employer can increase headcount cautiously as the company navigates the challenging business climate. It also saves money in another way: for all of the temp workers we place, Alaant bears the cost of payroll, taxes and insurance.

Further, temporary employment gives employers a chance to see how employees perform on the job before committing to a long-term hire. Employers still have the opportunity to interview and select the candidate they want, but by working with Alaant, they can be assured of hiring a fully vetted employee, and of receiving our full support during the temp period.

Whichever side of the equation you’re on, there are many great reasons to pursue temporary employment. It could be the perfect approach to keeping your career or company humming, and we’d love to help you. Contact us today and let’s talk temp!

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Miriam Dushane

Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner

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