How to Nurture Fulfillment in the Workplace

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When it comes to creating a successful workplace environment, are you paying enough attention to keeping your team feeling fulfilled? Workplace fulfillment has taken center stage as the focus shifts from doing a job to feeling passionate about the work you’re doing every day. It can also mean the difference between being able to attract and retain talent in your organization.

With more Millennials on the job and Gen Z entering the workforce, take a look at whether you’ve got what it takes to keep your team feeling fulfilled.

Here's what matters:

Upgrade your technology

Leaving out digital technology will be a great loss for you because these generations grew up in the era where the internet and digital technology are the norms. They like to collaborate and communicate via digital devices and good workplace collaboration applications like Slack are key to keeping your team happy and productive.

Give feedback

Millennials have deep curiosity in everything and show a strong will to achieve both personal and professional growth. They want to hear how they are doing and how they can improve. Communicating feedback in a clear, direct manner works best. This leaves no room for misunderstanding and ensures you deliver the messages you need to send effectively.

Recognize and support different working styles

Today flexibility is valued at work more than stability. What matters most to these generations is the outcome (result) instead of the hours spent on the job. If you’re expecting people to “punch the clock” and be at their desk during “work hours,” not only could you encounter resistance, you may lose valuable talent.

Opportunities to lead

Some employers might believe that leadership skills come along with job tenure. Because of this, they tend to choose senior employees to lead the team instead of giving equal chance to the younger ones. Providing opportunities for younger team members to lead projects empowers them, excites them and keeps them engaged and wanting to do the best job they can for you and your organization.

Three ways to nurture professional development in the workplace:

  1. Mentorship and on-going educational training: These programs are essential, cultivating a learning environment leads to more engagement and ensures people have the skills and know-how they need to excel in their roles and move into new roles as appropriate.

  2. Office morale and positive reinforcements: Never underestimate the power of strong morale in your workplace. It is essential to your success and the retention of your team. Being appreciative of your team and the contributions they make goes hand in hand with people feeling fulfilled and remaining committed to their jobs.

  3. Workplace culture and a collaborative, supportive environment: Investing in creating and sustaining a workplace culture that is positive, energetic and nurturing will greatly benefit your organization. People want to feel part of something bigger than themselves. Making an impact and working collaboratively feeds this desire. When you nurture an empathetic culture that supports each other, you work together to reach goals and share in successes which strengthens your connections and builds a stronger team. 
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