Move to the Head of the Class: Get Schooled on How to Make the Best Hires

Move to the Head of the Class Get Schooled on How to Make the Best Hires

With a new school year about to begin and the feeling of getting back to business in full effect, we are sharpening our pencils and before the first bell rings sharing our best tips for making hiring a success.

Here are Alaant’s ABCs for making sure you’re best-in-class when it comes to hiring:

Acknowledge the fact that hiring is critical to the business and invest the time and resources to do it right.

Accomplish what you need to by setting goals and creating consistent processes that the entire hiring team can easily follow.

Accept that hiring is a priority even when there are other things pulling you in different directions.

Accelerate the interview process because the good candidates go quickly!

Beware of the candidate-driven market and low unemployment rate. Be prepared to move quickly to hire the right candidate.

Benefits matter. Are you offering a benefits package that matches (or goes beyond) what’s being offered by peers in your industry? 

Better planning leads to attracting quality candidates and making the best hires.

Best foot forward: the candidate is interviewing you and your company just as much as you are interviewing him/her. 

Careful you don’t lose out on a stellar candidate due to an unclear and lengthy interview process. Streamline it and simplify it so you don’t risk losing someone great. More tips here.

Consideration of a candidate’s time: if someone is not the right fit, please let them know and give them closure.

“Close” candidates at every step of the interview process. Keep them engaged and set clear expectations.

Commitment of time from those that will interview the candidates in the process is paramount. Bringing in top talent takes work. 

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About the Authors

Michelle Conn

Amy Stringer, Manager, Operations & Talent, Alaant Workforce Solutions

For 20 years, Amy has loved being able to help people find a new career. She likes to show off all the amazing companies—big and small—across the Capital District. Amy loves to bake and cook. She likes wearing her heels, but kicks them off to enjoy fishing (yes, she baits her own hooks and cleans the fish, too!), this is why ‘never judge a book by its cover’ rings true for her. 

Michelle Conn

Amy AlvarezDirector, Talent Acquisition, Alaant Workforce Solutions

Amy has spent more than 20 years in the world of recruiting helping professionals find great jobs and companies find a good match to add to their team. Being organized has led to success and happiness in both her personal and professional life. She likes to spend time with family and friends, traveling and watching movies. To date, Amy’s favorite place to visit has been Rome, Italy.

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