The 3Cs You Need to be a Most Valuable Workplace Team (MVT)

Most valuable workforce team

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and while we definitely have snacks on the mind and eagerly anticipate the commercials and halftime show, this day is really about showcasing two great teams. Teams that have done the hard work, know how to work together to reach a goal and succeed at the highest levels of their sport. So, what’s the secret to tackling team dynamics? Here’s our take.

When we think of team and teamwork, the following words come to mind—communication, collaboration and innovation. However, there is more to great teams than just the standard buzzwords. The foundation of a great team at any level consists of three Cs: Compassion, Consideration and Cooperation.

Compassion shows up in many forms in the workplace. It’s often overlooked, but our ability to be compassionate toward each other as people and to exhibit understanding in all types of situations shows who we are as individuals. When we support each other and empathize  by taking the time to care and be kind we become a more cohesive team.

Consideration matters far more than we even realize. Ponder this: How are you defining it? Are you passing it off as how you communicate with each other? It goes much deeper than this. Are you being truly considerate of other team members’ ideas? Are you considerate about the external factors that may affect their day at the office? Is there a willingness to step up and be selfless to help another team member? Do you approach things with respect? 

Cooperation is at the core of a successful team. Every team member should play to each others’ strengths and make decisions based on what is needed in different situations. For example, perhaps one team member is fantastic at public speaking but needs help with building content that tells a great story. If that’s your area of strength, team up to get the best outcome. When we cooperate with each other and work together towards the same goal, not only is your team going to succeed, you’re going to significantly contribute to making your entire organization more successful. And that is a win!

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Amy Stringer

Amy Stringer, Recruitment Operations Manager 

For 20 years, Amy has loved being able to help people find a new career. She likes to show off all the amazing companies—big and small—across the Capital District. Amy loves to bake and cook. She likes wearing her heels, but kicks them off to enjoy fishing (yes, she baits her own hooks and cleans the fish, too!), this is why ‘never judge a book by its cover’ rings true for her.

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