Meet Gen Z: The Next Sweethearts of the Workplace


With Valentine’s Day this week, we’re sharing some love for Generation Z (aka as centennials, post-millennials), the next generation set to disrupt the workplace. So, what can you expect when it comes to Gen Z joining the workforce? Here’s a look with some classic candy heart conversation sayings.

u r a star U R A STAR: Gen Z is happy to work independently. They prefer tackling tasks alone rather than as part of a group. Of course, working with a team and collaborating comes with ease for them, but they like to take credit for their work and enjoy being rewarded for their achievements and contributions.

txt me TXT ME: Since Gen Z has grown up with smartphones, texting is a main form of communication. This doesn’t translate well in a work environment. Gen Z needs to hone their social skills and will need to focus on how to interact and effectively communicate face-to-face.

be true BE TRUE: Possibilities are endless for Gen Z. They are entering the job market during a strong economy where employers are now looking for candidates in many technical fields which gives Gen Z a wide range of employment choices. It’s important to convey your company's brand in a positive, transparent way as this generation reads Glassdoor reviews and does research to find out what impact you’re having on society and on your specialized industry, your employees’ lives and the community you do business in.

teach me TEACH ME: Believe it or not, Gen Z has a strong desire for structure, order, and clear direction. They can find it difficult to prioritize and accomplish tasks when left with too many options and choices. A well-organized environment will help them feel focused. Providing ongoing training programs and learning opportunities, as well as offering onboarding (orientation) when they join the company, are great ways to help Gen Z understand your company’s culture, environment, and expectations.


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Elizabeth Apanovitch

Elizabeth Apanovitch, Office and Payroll Administrator, Alaant Workforce Solutions

Elizabeth helps the Alaant team stay organized and deliver the best experience to its clients. In her downtime, she loves spending time with family especially her niece. She enjoys drawing, reading, cooking, trying new foods and attending festivals. She is all about staying healthy and working out to her favorite tunes.

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