The Alaant Loop: Job Search, Inclusion, Quit Thinking About Millennials

Job Search, Inclusion, Quit Thinking About Millennials
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Here's what's happening this week:

How to Ease Out of Summer Mode

Back to the Job Search: How to Ease Out of Summer Mode

By: Michelle Conn via Alaant Workforce Solutions

It's that time of year—back to regular routines. If you do this right, this time of year can be like a fresh start, clean slate. So, if you've been a little lax on the job search front these past few months, no worries, here are some tips to get you back in the game…  

Google installs tool to help US military veterans find jobs

By: Daniel Strauss via Washington Examiner
Google, the tech firm whose name is synonymous with Internet searches, is introducing a new tool to help U.S. military veterans build careers after leaving the armed forces. The product, built into Google's job-search function, allows ex-military personnel to search positions ...

A Study of 600,000 People Shows the Secret to Managing Millennials Is to Quit Thinking of Them as Millennials

By: Jeff Haden via Inc
Because 98 percent of how we think, feel, and act has nothing to do with our age group. I just did a Google search for "manage Millennials." I got 28 million results. That's total overkill, especially since a recent study published in the Journal of Managerial Psychology shows there are much greater attitude ...
More laughter in the workplace

Why we need more laughter in the workplace

By: Leila Lewis via Fast Company

I have a loud laugh, and I laugh a lot. People who like me say my laugh is contagious. People who don’t tell me it’s obnoxious. Either way, it’s made me a better professional. Some time ago, work became the antithesis of fun. Along with it, laughter became synonymous with wasting time. 

More laughter in the workplace

Inclusion means both being there and feeling like you belong

By: Khalida Ali via Quartz

Thirteen years ago, I was an intern on Wall Street, at an investment bank. The day my program began, my stomach was in knots. This world was completely foreign to me. Would I be smart enough? Would I make the cut and receive a full-time offer to return to the bank after graduating?

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