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The Alaant Advisor is our column focused on all things going on in the world of recruiting, job placement, and search. Think of it as your weekly briefing—a handy, quick guide to what's going on.

Here's what's happening this week:

What You’ll Recruit for in 2022

4 Ways to Get Your Recruiting & HR Programs Ready for the Future

By: Emily Moore via Glassdoor

As the year 2019 inches closer by the minute and companies fine-tune their annual plans, industry trends and practices of the future are weighing heavily on many recruiters and HR professionals’ minds. What do they need to know now to succeed in the next year? What about the next five years? Ten years?

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hiring remote workers

9 traditional fields that are hiring more remote workers than ever

By: Nicol Natale via Business Insider

Remote job listings grew more than 50% in some unexpected fields last year, according to a FlexJobs report. Fields that saw high growth in remote work for 2018 included law, science, and project management. It's no secret that remote work is on the rise. According to a 2017 telecommuting report by FlexJobs, the number of US employees who "worked from home at least half of the time" grew 115% in twelve years, from 1.8 million employees in 2005 to 3.9 million in 2017.

Job Interview Psyched

Psych Yourself Up for Your Next Job Interview

By: Arnie Fertig via U.S. News & World Report

Feel confident by keeping in mind three things every interviewer wants to know. It’s pretty much a given that job interviews are fearful experiences, a necessary evil that you must survive in order to get hired. It is easy to imagine yourself being interrogated, with a bright light focused on you as your interviewers delight in throwing one daunting question after another your way. One way to defuse the angst you feel, and increase the chances for interview success, is to recognize that the interviewer has his or her own angst with the process.

Soft skills gap in workers

America is running low on blue-collar workers

By: Adriana Belmonte via Yahoo

The U.S. is currently dealing with a very tight labor market. And blue-collar jobs, in particular, are experiencing an acute worker shortage. The Conference Board, a nonprofit research organization, defines blue-collar occupations as “construction, extraction, farming, installation, maintenance, repair, production, transportation, and material moving, as well as low-pay services such as health care support, protective service, food preparation and serving, building and grounds cleaning, and personal care and service occupations.”

wellness trends 2019

Well+Good Founders On Workplace Wellness Trends For 2019

By: Erin Spencer via Forbes

While most media companies end each year with a roundup of what happened during the past year, Well+Good, a wellness-focused media company founded in 2010, closes each year with a look towards what they predict will be pertinent to their readers in the coming year. Their annual wellness trends report, which was recently released, has historically been pretty spot on in identifying emerging trends in the wellness space ranging from what readers will eat, what they'll wear, how they'll work out and what they'll chose to put in their medicine cabinets in the new year.

Hot Candidates of the Week!

These are two of the best candidates we've seen this week. If you would like more information on either candidate, please reach out to us right away.

Office Administration

Albany, NY
  • Highly professional, brings strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s in Psychology; Minor in Political Science.
  • Brings skills in planning and scheduling, creating curriculum, communicating with school administrators and data entry.
  • Supported the Executive Director and Director of Operations of non-profit.
  • Approved payroll, handled staff files, assisted with background checks, staff recruitment and conducting interviews.
  • Prior experience handling files and reporting data and conducted research under a professor during school.
  • Previous supervision and oversight experience out of college.
  • Knows how to ask good questions and take initiative.

Desktop Support & Systems Administrator

Hartford, CT
  • Motivated, adaptable, and result-driven IT professional with a focus on desktop and systems administration.
  • Experience includes configuration and troubleshooting OS, with strong Windows Server.
  • Solid virtualization experience.
  • Highly proficient with Exchange, and network protocols.
  • Currently serving as a Data Systems Administrator and has demonstrated leadership skills from when he served as a squad leader in the military.
  • Very disciplined manner with a pleasant personality.

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