How a Capable Workforce Can Meet the Evolving Needs of the Healthcare Industry

How to Choose Your Healthcare Recruiter Wisely

Recently, MedPage Today highlighted some of the top healthcare trends for 2019, including the rise of home healthcare, telehealth, and the use of wearables. These are all expected to play a pivotal role in how the population accesses healthcare services going forward.

Fueling this is the rise of precision medicine and population health technology (healthcare analytics, big data) and intelligence to understand the data and glean insights. This is an area that will continue to grow and impact how healthcare providers proactively care for patient populations.

To move in the direction of a more patient-driven experience, healthcare organizations need to shift their focus and put a far greater emphasis on workforce development. Then they will have the talent and skillsets to increase expertise in population health, enhance quality measurement and management for better accountability, and execute process improvement that can address the mind-boggling $1 trillion in waste the healthcare industry is perpetuating.

What this all comes down to is the importance of building and retaining a capable workforce. Without a strong workforce, healthcare organizations (actually any company) can’t adequately address the challenges and future dilemmas we all face. Establishing a workforce that will position a healthcare organization as a leader is critical across all segments of the healthcare space.

At Alaant, we have an industry-specific focus in healthcare led by an expert (yours truly) in the field. Together, we can help attract, engage, and retain the talent your healthcare organization needs to thrive now and in the future.

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Joseph Monahan, Director, Healthcare Recruitment Division, Alaant Workforce Solutions 

When not nurturing relationships and finding the right match for his healthcare clients and candidates, Joe enjoys spending time outdoors. He and his wife Sandy live on a gentleman’s farm with horses, dogs and lots of manure! Joe is an avid fisherman and a constantly disappointed lifelong fan of the New York Giants.

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