Alaant Clients Share their 2019 Hiring Resolutions

what hiring managers can do to improve in 2019

We recently surveyed our clients and asked for their New Year hiring resolutions. Here’s what hiring managers are resolved to do in 2019:

Rely more on workforce reallocation strategies to minimize the need for external hires (where feasible).

The Alaant POV

Companies who develop and promote from within will create more loyal employees and subsequently reap the rewards of an invested and engaged team who will work more efficiently and likely be more productive for your business.

Strive to better educate hiring managers about the candidate-driven market environment we’re living in now.

The Alaant POV

Many organizations are operating as if we are in a recession and then are surprised that candidates didn’t wait for them to make an offer. Candidates who enter the job market are often getting multiple offers during the time period (typically within two or three weeks) of submitting applications and interviewing.

You have to move fast, streamline your hiring process and be ready to make decisions quickly. If you have to stop and think about the candidate being a good fit or you want to “compare to other candidates,” it means you’re not interested.  Act quickly to get the candidate you know “is the one” and pass just as quickly when you know they’re not.

Implement an ATS (applicant tracking system) from this century!

The Alaant POV

We are a technology-driven world and to keep up we need to stay cutting edge, an up-to-date ATS will help you manage your organizational processes and hiring cycle while providing candidates with a better hiring experience. But please don’t forget the human element: Yes, technology helps us do our jobs better, but it can’t replace the interpersonal human relationship building needed to attract candidates.

Provide better (more timely) communication with candidates.

The Alaant POV

We couldn’t agree more. This is so important because a candidate’s takeaway is: “no news is BAD news.” If you aren’t keeping a candidate engaged, communicating and setting expectations and then following through with the candidate, they will assume you aren’t interested and act accordingly.  Keep them in the loop by actively communicating with them and providing common courtesy follow up. Sounds simple, but the trick is doing it well and when you do, it’ll help your company stand out in a competitive job market.

We hope your year is off to a great start. Our team is ready to help you make these resolutions a reality. Let’s get started on making 2019 a success.

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