Helping Organizations Succeed in a WFH World: Alaant Offers a Free Tool to Measure and Improve Employee Engagement

In the best of times, the organizations that succeed are those in which employees are fully engaged in the company and its mission. In the current climate, where social distancing has forced companies to rapidly evolve to a work-from-home environment, the need to foster employee engagement has become more important than ever.

Whether telecommuting from home offices or connecting with colleagues, clients and prospects through texts, emails and Zoom calls, employees find themselves in a strange new world of work. For that reason, organizations must make employee wellbeing a top priority. Fortunately, technology not only makes that possible, but also offers an opportunity to build and promote employee engagement.

Measuring and delivering analytics to improve employee engagement

Even as organizations operate remotely, they can assess employee engagement; generate meaningful analytics; and use that data to ensure workers are connected, committed and empowered to work productively.

Alaant Workforce Solutions is delighted to partner with Mindset Management, an employee engagement survey company, to provide organizations – free of charge –with an online survey tool that can measure, analyze and help improve organizational wellbeing during this time of transition.

The first in what will be a series of surveys is now available for companies to use. It focuses on the needs of employees in this new working environment, helping employers to understand how employees are dealing with the crisis, and to what degree they feel supported and equipped to get the job done.

Employee surveys yield actionable data to boost engagement

How does it work? Employers send out a brief, mobile-friendly online survey –18 questions developed by I/O scientists – designed to measure the state of employee wellbeing. Surveys can be conducted either across the organization or within specific departments. Questions cover a variety of considerations, including:

  • Practical (Do you have the tools needed to work effectively from home? Do you have a workspace that allows you to focus?)
  • Personal (How well are you coping with this new way of working? How productive are you?)
  • Operational (Do you feel co-workers are supporting each other? Is your direct manager providing enough support?)
  • Organizational (How connected do you feel to the purpose of your organization? Has organizational communication been open and transparent?)

In addition, open-ended questions enable employees to expand on the most pressing issues that get in the way of achieving results.

Using survey results to enhance employee engagement

Once surveys are completed, employers have access to an analytics dashboard filled with rich information that captures how employees are adjusting to this new way of working, whether they’re collaborating effectively, and whether they have the infrastructure, processes and support necessary to be productive.

Armed with that data, organizations can take necessary actions to improve areas that are impeding employee success; adjust current policies to enhance productivity; and institute new procedures as needed so employees are engaged and working collaboratively to support the mission.

We invite you to contact us directly for more information on this complimentary survey & analytics tool and to discuss how we can help your organization boost performance and enrich efficiency during this challenging time.

We look forward to helping your organization move forward with an engaged and productive WFH workforce!