First Impressions Are Everything!
(From the Eyes of the Front Desk)

First Impressions Are Everything!

by Haley Weber

When meeting with a Recruiter for the first time, the immediate point of contact begins with the individual at the front desk. Although the assumption may be that the Receptionist does not have any input on a candidate’s interview, that assumption falls short. As soon as a candidate walks through the main door, the interview has begun. How an interviewee presents themselves and communicates with the front desk attendant can play a huge part in their first impression with the Recruiter.

It is crucial for candidates to start off their experience with a Staffing Agency on the right foot. Being prepared with your resume and references for the desk attendant shows that a candidate is serious about the meeting and eager to establish a relationship. It is extremely important to present a bright, crisp, printed resume, free of stains and crinkles.

A sharp appearance will also convey the message that the candidate is professional. Business attire is best; without any extreme scents of perfume or cologne. Go for a fresh, clean appearance leaving the coffee mugs, phones, and sunglasses in the car. This prevents a candidate from being viewed as distracted or overly casual by the receptionist.

Whether the initial impression of a candidate is positive or negative, word will travel to the recruiter that is interviewing because they seek opinions from all members of their staffing team. Acquiring numerous assessments is beneficial in truly understanding and connecting with a candidate.

In order to be the first candidate that is recommended to a client for a position, it is to your advantage to stand out positively in all aspects of an interview. From the eyes of the front desk to the Talent Acquisition Manager, a greatly polished and professional candidate will have a prosperous experience with a Staffing Agency.  alaant workforce solutions

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