Close Collaboration Leads to More Successful Hiring Outcomes: Get to Know the Real Advantages of a Talent Acquisition Partnership

Customize Your Recruitment Strategy Gain Cost Savings Get to Know the Real Advantages of a Talent Acquisition Partnership

At Alaant, our people-first approach centers around listening to what our clients need. Here is a real-world example of our talent acquisition partnership program (TAP), which is designed to deliver flexible and creative methods for us to partner based on budget, needs and desired outcomes, at its best.

The Challenge: To keep pace with rapid growth, an international science organization is continuously expanding their team and has an ongoing need to recruit for entry-level positions. They found themselves in need of extra recruitment resources to handle the additional hiring volume.

The Alaant TAP Advantage: They chose to work with Alaant via our talent acquisition partnership program electing to use our services annually for 20 hours per week. An experienced Alaant recruiter acts as an extension of their hiring team and is onsite at the client organization working closely with hiring managers and HR to fill open positions. Our close collaboration enables us to truly understand the company’s culture and the necessary skills qualified candidates need to fill open roles. We leverage our extensive network of candidates as well as the one our client has built to find the best fit. Since launching the program 6 months ago, we have made 35 hires at a cost savings of 42% compared to traditional recruitment models. 

With a partner like Alaant that takes the time to truly understand your individual company’s recruitment challenges and goals, we can create a customized strategy that will help meet your needs faster and at a significant cost savings.

Have a similar recruitment challenge as the one highlighted above? Let’s meet to discuss your unique recruitment needs and how we might be able to help. #Listen #PeopleFirst

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Nick Maciariello

Nick Maciariello, Director of Sales, Alaant Workforce Solutions

When it comes to making great hiring decisions, Nick is all about delivering the best outcomes to clients. To do this, he helps them understand the value that HR technology adds to the hiring process to streamline it and make it more effective.

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