Beyond Hiring: The Benefits of Engaging a Recruiting Firm

In the current hiring market – with too many job openings and too few candidates – having a recruiting firm on your side can make a huge difference. Organizations gain a critical advantage by engaging with a partner that devotes full-time to attracting and acquiring great talent, knows the recruiting game inside and out, and has the expertise to both build and execute a strategy that works. 

And that’s not all. When companies work with a recruiting firm, the positive impact goes beyond finding and hiring great employees. Here are 4 benefits that make a partnership even more valuable. 

 1) Easing the burden on HR. There is never a shortage of pressing issues facing HR professionals. From applying, enforcing and updating corporate policies and procedures, to handling employee health insurance, benefits and associated paperwork, to overseeing performance reports and addressing disciplinary matters, their plate is always full. With a professional firm taking over recruiting, hiring and onboarding, the HR team has more time to tackle the other important aspects of their role.  

 2) Fueling creativity. The daily crush of responsibilities typically leaves little time for the HR team to be creative. Rather than exploring innovative perks and benefits or new ways to engage employees and increase productivity, each day is a struggle to keep up with a growing list of demands. Freed up by using a recruiting firm to handle the hiring process, HR professionals have newfound time to proactively respond to challenges and pursue fresh opportunities. 

 3) Focusing on core strengths. As many organizations have learned firsthand, the recruiting process is a full-time, ongoing endeavor that requires special expertise. Just as every company is an expert at what they do – from IT and manufacturing to health care and financial services – a recruiting firm spends all day, every day sourcing, finding and hiring great candidates. With that firepower behind them, organizations can concentrate on what they do best, which sharpens their focus on growing the business.  

 4) Expanding the professional network. Recruiting firms work regularly with a host of companies that provide professional services, from employee benefits and background checks to marketing and accounting, among many others. In so doing, they’ve built up a tremendous network of partners that offer a variety of top-notch services. When a business needs support in one of those areas, a recruiting partner can likely make a recommendation – and even better, an introduction – with a strong degree of confidence. 

While our relationship with a company typically starts with a recruiting assignment, it often grows to help answer new needs and explore new opportunities. With years of experience, proven know-how, and the resources to deliver results, Alaant is a proud partner of choice for great companies across multiple industries. Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started!

About the Author

Miriam Dushane

Miriam Dushane, Managing Partner

Miriam is all in when it comes to doing whatever she can to help the Capital District grow and thrive. She is passionate about helping talented professionals find the right job and her work in the community is focused on furthering our area as a center of economic vitality. Miriam likes to garden and care for her pets. She is a member of an adult-only skate group where she rollerblades every week. She loves the Mets! And she is obsessed with vacuum cleaners; she really likes to vacuum and has 6 right now.