Here's the Buzz: Being Kind Can Give you a Honey of a Career

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Let’s face it: At one time or another we’ve all encountered some nastiness at work whether it’s an unpleasant colleague or a demanding and unreasonable boss. But is there ever any truly good reason to act without kindness at work?

We happen to be living in a tough time of negative news, rampant bullying and a myriad of other unpleasantness. It becomes a problem when it starts to trickle through to our work environments as well.So while the bees are buzzing around outside, we thought it’d be a good time to remind ourselves that being kind counts and it can go a long way in making workplace pressures more bearable.

Here’s why kindness in the workplace matters:

Don't talk about it. Bee about it. 

Your attitude, your smile, the tone you respond to a request with, your willingness to jump in and be helpful—they all make a positive impact. Chances are good you’ll inspire others to act this way too and before you know it you’ve got a hive doling out the honey and doing good work. Kindness is contagious so let it catch on.

Boost well-being.

When you feel supported and support others in your workplace, not only does it help to build your confidence but it also shows how valuable you are in the organization. This can all lead to career growth. When you’ve been shown a kindness or you offer a kindness to others in times of stress (i.e., family sickness, unexpected surgery, etc.) you’re creating goodwill that will last a lifetime.   

You don’t need to sting like a bee to be a good leader.

There are some misconceptions that being kind is a sign of weakness or that leaders have to be stern and unemotional (say what now?!). This Zenger Folkman research proves otherwise. Likable leaders who expressed kindness/warmth were typically found to be the most effective.

Reconnect with Professional & Social Groups

RSVP to upcoming professional events. Find some here. Your university’s homecoming weekend or alumni events are great opportunities to network. Go ahead and introduce yourself to new parents at your kids’ soccer games or back-to-school nights. You never know, these introductions might lead to your next job, mentor or supportive friend.

Bee happy!

Happy employees are good for business. When you have a kind and friendly culture, everyone is healthier, more creative and will work harder. Respect for others’ ideas and viewpoints supports a dynamic and creative environment where everyone benefits.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “you cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” When you always operate from a place of authentic kindness you have the opportunity to not only feel great, but do something great. Your kindness could be the moment that turns around a meeting, brings a great idea to life or saves the day for someone. So please bee kind!  alaant workforce solutions

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Michelle Conn

Michelle Conn, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Michelle is passionate about women succeeding in the workplace. She loves baseball, running and baking. She’s a dedicated non-profit board-member and volunteer. She calls the beach her happy place and is the mother of 3 boys.

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