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What is aptihealth?

aptihealth, inc. is a behavioral health engagement company that seamlessly integrates physical and behavioral healthcare. Our platform connects individuals experiencing behavioral health difficulties and their physician to a team of behavioral health specialists using our proprietary screening, assessment, and treatment protocols to get and keep people healthier faster.

Why did you create aptihealth?

The current behavioral health system is broken. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Almost 30 million adults and children with mental health conditions in the United States go without treatment. In addition to this alarming statistic, millions struggle to find and access care. This is unacceptable.

We created aptihealth to solve this problem. We’re on a mission to transform behavioral healthcare to ensure millions of people can easily access personalized, goal-oriented care, without delay.

What services do you provide your customers?

aptihealth quickly connects people to personalized, goal-oriented behavioral healthcare for positive, life-changing results. We simplify the entire process and eliminate the traditional barriers that hinder the referral process, providing a fast track to better mental health. We provide behavioral health screening and early detection; a swift referral to care; comprehensive assessments and diagnosis; an intense and focused 90-Day Care Program; and Extended Care. These services are provided virtually through our secure platform. The benefits of these services are unique to each of our customers.


We provide our physicians with access to integrated, evidence-based behavioral healthcare tailored to help their patients achieve positive results within 90 days and beyond. Through our user-friendly technology, we seamlessly expand their practice to include a fully integrated virtual behavioral healthcare team.


We enhance employees’ health through our collaborative wellness programs and easily accessible behavioral healthcare. Our confidential behavioral health screening indicates behavioral health risks that can be addressed by tailored programs for employee specific needs. Our behavioral health screening provides the employee with a comprehensive understanding of their emotional health. Based on the results of the screening, we support employees with a swift referral into comprehensive care. We provide therapy that is focused on empowering employees to make positive changes to improve their lives, personally and professionally.

Health Plans

More than 20% of patients today have behavioral health conditions, which accounts for over $300 billion in annual healthcare spending. To help health plans address these challenges, our powerful platform and proprietary tools allow us to provide expedited integrated care. With aptihealth incorporated into the provider care stream, health plans benefit as patients experience quick access to care, evidence-based care, and improved patient outcomes. Ultimately these services drive down healthcare costs and significantly reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

aptihealth Members

Once a patient is referred into care with aptihealth, they become members. We are focused on their success and empowering them with the tools and support to achieve positive, life-changing results. We provide each member with a dedicated care team, which includes their doctor, care manager, behavioral health specialist, and behavioral health prescriber. Each member is matched with a therapist based on their specific needs. The care team supports the member during every step of their journey to better mental health. aptihealth is also easy to use. All a member needs is a smartphone or a computer. They receive a login and access to our secure site for:

  • Behavioral health screening
  • Personalized assessment
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Online video therapy sessions
  • Direct messaging with their therapist
  • Ongoing support throughout their journey

What is unique about the services you offer to your customers, and how do they set you apart from other providers?

The member experience at aptihealth is much more comprehensive. They also start receiving care almost immediately – there is no delay. With our 15 Life Domain Clinical Framework© and proprietary assessments we are able to thoroughly understand the patient’s needs before treatment begins. aptihealth provides the deepest, most thorough understanding of the patient behavioral health journey to improved well-being. Intelligence built into the platform enables continuous monitoring of outcome risk and triggers smart system actions and guidance to providers that help keep members engaged and on track for successful outcomes. Our commitment and support for our members during every step of their journey to better mental health is unmatched.

With so much business shifting online during the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems aptihealth is particularly well-positioned for the future. How are you continuing to evolve and innovate?

Across the nation, studies and daily news reports highlight alarming levels of fear, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse associated with COVID-19. Based on the digital nature of our platform, we are able to provide support to help those who are suffering regardless of their physical location. To support our practitioners, employers, and patients, we recently launched the aptihealth A5 Behavioral Health Screening. This is a comprehensive, multidimensional, digital behavioral screening tool that can be accessed at any point of care (i.e. Physician office, member's home, etc.), including remotely. The A5 Screening provides early detection, and if needed, a swift referral into personalized behavioral healthcare.

To learn more about the company please visit: www.aptihealth.com

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