An Effective Tool for Niche Hiring: Talent Acquisition Partnerships

Imagine your organization is a professional sports franchise. The post-season is right around the corner, and you have the chance to acquire a star player that will give your team a competitive edge. You’d jump at the opportunity, right?

Now, consider a similar situation involving your business – one where making an important hire, or series of hires, is critical to your success. Rather than going it alone, it’s possible to bring in a skilled and seasoned recruiter to help ensure a positive outcome. That’s the idea behind Alaant’s Talent Acquisition Partnerships, or TAPs, and they can be especially effective when it comes to niche hiring. 

The benefits of TAPs

With its exclusive TAP model, an Alaant recruiter serves as an extension of your company’s existing HR team. That means you’re assured of working with an experienced and well-connected recruiter that can devote full-time to helping you attract and hire top talent. You avoid the challenge of having to find and engage a short-term recruiter, and gain full access not only to Alaant’s expertise, but also its tools and technology, without having to invest in them yourself.

Why TAPs work with niche hiring

Transition in the business world is everywhere, and the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic means it won’t subside anytime soon. Organizations suddenly dealing with mergers, acquisitions, or ownership changes are facing the need to fill positions outside of their typical scope, and/or they need to hire individuals for short periods to get through the shift. This is a perfect scenario for a Talent Acquisition Partnership, in which an expert from Alaant can be available immediately, hit the ground running, and deliver results with speed and precision.

Cost savings can be substantial

Sudden and unexpected hiring can be expensive. TAPs are a great vehicle for reining in those costs. For instance, let’s say you need to hire 6 people immediately at salaries averaging $80,000 per year. In a standard direct hire model, your cost could near six figures. Using the TAP model, that amount can be reduced significantly – perhaps by as much as half. In the end, you’ll hire better professionals faster, save money while doing so, and enjoy the benefits that come with having a first-rate recruiter at your service.

The continuing turbulence in the job market and workplace environment presents challenges, but it also offers opportunities to find better ways to be productive and profitable. Your organization’s recruiting efforts are a prime example, and Alaant’s Talent Acquisition Partnerships provide an innovative approach that makes operational and fiscal sense. Interested in learning more? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started!

About the Author

Tom Schin Director, Talent Acquisition Partnerships & Recruiting Consulting Services for Alaant Workforce Solutions

Tom Schin, Director, Talent Acquisition Partnerships & Recruiting Consulting Services

When he’s not working, Tom is an avid board game enthusiast, from Catan to Canasta, who makes sure game night is fun for everyone (even though they’ll probably lose). He’s also fond of celebrating his status as a child of the ‘80s by watching Star Wars, listening to U2, and reminiscing about his (gone-but-not-forgotten) Andre Agassi haircut.