Alaant Spotlight:

Ronald Hunt, Founder and Principal, 7 Figure Life Insurance & Consulting

Alaant Spotlight Ronald Hunt, Founder and Principal, 7 Figure Life Insurance & Consulting
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The Alaant Spotlight features local leaders and businesses to highlight the great work they are doing in our community, sharing their career advice and/or secrets to success—in their own words. They are the people making a powerful impact for good across our region.

What’s Your Superpower?

My superpower is in my Enneagram score. It’s a nine. Google is your friend here, should you be unfamiliar. Short version, it allows me to achieve or strive for greatness every day.

By making sure you thrive is the ultimate collaboration tool for me and I get introductions because of it. Help enough people solve their problem(s), fills not only your soul, but grows your business.

When I know what you are passionate about, it allows me to help you decide on the solutions.

It is my philosophy that if a business serves enough people, and helps them with their problems, the revenue will take care of itself.

About Ronald

Ron lives in Rotterdam with his best friend/spouse and three dogs. A native of Manhattan he navigated Central Park and the transit system by himself by the age of five. A lifetime working for Fortune 10 companies. Ron is a Non-Denominational Minister, Reiki Teaching Master, Life, and Business Coach, Translator of Engineer into English for Inventors, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certified. He is a master Speaker, speech evaluator for his school, and helps coach other people to not only find their voice but to build out their digital courses with him. He also builds websites, apps, social media campaigns, podcasts, and ClickFunnels. He has recently produced a course on relationships to help people Regrow, Restore, and Thrive in their relationships, in challenging times. He is a past Board member of the United Way and Past Commander of the Lake George Power Squadron.

Ronald Hunt

Founder & Principal

7 Figure Life Insurance & Consulting

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