Alaant Spotlight:

Dawn Oesch, Owner of Saratoga Candy Co.

Alaant Spotlight: Dawn Oesch, Owner of Saratoga Candy Co.
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How do you master your "to-do" list

My to-do list is done in everything I do. I think I have 3 going at one time! I actually do write it all down too and the secret is to do things that are feasible. It doesn’t mean you don’t have harder to reach goals on this list, it just means they have to be attainable to keep it reachable. 

I love lists. I’m going to list how to do just that:

  • Keep your list(s) handy. I like to use my Notes App on my phone. 
  • Add things to be done for the short term on one list and the long term on another.
  • Make sure it’s something you can attain. Saying “Win $1,000,000” is great but will this actually happen??
  • Writing things down makes you accountable and organized. The one attribute of mine that everyone comments about is that I’m organized. Lists will help with that.
  • My brain will also put things in order as I need to get things done and I will then translate that into words on my to-do list. 
  • Cross it off! When you are done with something, delete it or cross it off. It’s a great feeling. You did it! You followed through and made it happen. 

Just remember to make all your tasks attainable and you will be happier. Nothing feels better than knowing you achieved what you set out to do. 

About Dawn

Dawn Oesch is the owner of Saratoga Candy Co. on Broadway in Saratoga Springs for 24 years. She’s a longtime member of the Saratoga Downtown Business Association and a past DBA president. She is the Artistic Coordinator for Home Made Theater in Saratoga Springs and uses her passion for theater as one of their primary Main Stage directors.

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