Alaant’s Salute to Veterans:
John C. Lyons & the Stand up and Play Foundation  

John C. Lyons and the Stand up and Play Foundation

Alaant is dedicating the month of November to honor our nation’s heroes. We have had the honor and privilege to work with many local veterans and we’d like to extend our sincere appreciation for their service. Each week during the month of November we will spotlight a local veteran who is going above and beyond to help other veterans find new job opportunities following their time of service.

This week we salute: John C. Lyons and the Stand up and Play Foundation’s Capital District of New York Chapter.


We spoke with Army veteran John C. Lyons about his time of service, background and his experience with the Stand up and Play Foundation’s Paramobiles: three-wheeled devices that provide wheelchair users and others with impaired mobility the opportunity to stand up and engage in recreational and everyday activities. 

Q: For which branch of the armed forces did you serve?

A: I enrolled in the US Army in May 1999 and served in the Army 1st Cavalry at Fort Hood in Texas.

Q: Can you share more about your time of service and backstory?

A: While serving, I sustained injuries from a motor vehicle accident and was airlifted to the hospital after being removed from the vehicle. I suffered severe head injuries including traumatic brain injury and cognitive disabilities. When I came home from the hospital, I was asked to come back to the base to help support my recovery and achieve the ability to be on active duty.

In 2002, the Army’s Medical Evaluation Board finalized my discharge papers to be removed from active duty and placed me on the Temporary Duty Retirement List for 5 years. At this time, I made the decision to enroll at ITT Technical Institute to study Computer Electrical Engineering Technology.

From 2006 to 2008, I was contracted by the Army through agencies and served in Diwania, Tallil Baghdad, Nasizijuaih, Iskandariyah and Iraq. In 2008, I returned to ITT to complete my degree in both CEEN and CNS, Network Administration. While in college, I met my wife Megan Krasnicki Lyons and we have two beautiful girls—Grace and Dawson.

Q:  Tell us about your experience with the Stand Up and Play Foundation?

A: I am an advocate for Stand Up and Play in the Capital District. As an organization, they are a very team driven group and are passionate about helping individuals with loss of limbs. This includes the opportunity to get disabled veterans and service men and women back into society through the use of their Paramobiles. Their organization brings people with disabilities together for a common cause and because of their work they are helping us to be more active in society.

Thank you, John, for your service to our nation!

The Stand Up and Play Foundation’s Capital Region of New York Chapter has been providing services through the use of Paramobiles to wounded veterans like John, by helping to bring a sense of normalcy to their lives. They currently have seven Paramobiles for use in the Capital District and are continuing to have positive impact supporting education along with physical and mental improvements and helping people get back into society.

For more information about Stand Up and Play, contact Nick Maciariello, Alaant Sales Director and Stand up and Play Board Member. Nick serves alongside Mark Boucher to help raise awareness and funds for the Stand Up & Play organization.

Find the Stand Up and Play Foundation Capital District of New York Chapter on Facebook.

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Make a Difference for a Local Veteran by Donating to the Veterans Miracle Center  

The Veterans Miracle Center’s provides Veterans and Active-Duty Military Personnel clothing, personal care and hygiene products, houseware items, ambulatory equipment, toys for their children and much more free-of-charge.  

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