Alaant Celebrates Women’s History Month
with Susan Lundberg, Founder, New York Tech Loop

Alaant Celebrates Women’s History Month with Susan Lundberg

At Alaant, we strongly believe that equality, diversity and inclusivity are vital to a thriving workforce. In recognition of Women’s History Month and the key roles women play in the workplace, we are shining a spotlight on women business leaders from across our region. These women have made a positive impact through success in their careers and service to their communities. Their stories offer important insights and perspectives to inspire and motivate others.

This week’s spotlight: Susan Lundberg, Founder, New York Tech Loop

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, I think about my own career journey, which has taken me through a business world that has always been dominated by men. The path I’ve followed has been particularly challenging: I started in the sports apparel industry, and have spent the last 20 years as an IT recruiter – two fields that are decidedly male-centric. The person most responsible for helping me overcome obstacles and achieve success is my mother, who encouraged me to always strive to pursue my dreams. Her focus on education as the tool that would make anything possible was invaluable. Ironically, most of my business mentors have been men. Why is that? Sadly, I think that too often women feel threatened by other women, whereas men do not.

Fortunately, barriers are beginning to come down, and we’re seeing more women in leadership roles. That said, challenges remain, and it’s up to all of us – and women in particular – to continue to raise awareness of the need for, and benefits of, gender equity in the workplace. For me, that means lending a helping hand to my co-workers, giving them the tools they need, and empowering them to be successful. If that means outperforming me, all the better! And, when working with my recruiting candidates and clients, or a valued friend or professional colleague, I take pride in listening, mentoring, and inspiring them to reach their full potential.

More on Susan:

For more than two decades, Susan Lundberg has been at the forefront of connecting technology professionals with organizations in New York’s Capital Region, helping candidates build successful careers and companies develop skilled teams to increase revenue and accelerate growth. In 1999, she founded Capital Tech Search, which specialized in full-time Information Technology (IT/IS) placements, providing organizations with the necessary tools and perspective to strategically address their IT staffing needs. Capital Tech Search was acquired by Alaant in March 2020. In 2018, she founded the New York Tech Loop (501c6), with the goal of bringing attention to the region’s over 80 software shops and attracting new talent. For her work, she was recognized with the CEG Technology Awards 2019 Judges’ Choice: Technology Connector honor. A graduate of Syracuse University, Susan lived and worked in California and New Jersey before returning to her hometown to establish her business.

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Michelle Conn, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

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