Alaant Celebrates Women’s History Month: The Women of Alaant – Part I

Alaant Celebrates Women’s History Month with The Women of Alaant – Part I

At Alaant, we strongly believe that equality, diversity and inclusivity are vital to a thriving workforce. In recognition of Women’s History Month and the key roles women play in the workplace, we are shining a spotlight on women in business – including the talented professionals at Alaant who work hard every day to serve our outstanding clients and candidates.

This week’s spotlight: The Women of Alaant – Part I

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Megan Ermalowicz, Talent Acquisition Manager

I find it inspiring to see women of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life share their experiences. I am grateful for their teaching and advice as they relate their personal struggles and triumphs – knowing they didn’t give up and worked just as hard, if not harder, to get where they are and to help champion women’s rights. I personally feel motivated when I see women use their platform to empower others, and respect those who have laid the groundwork to help lead us to where we are today. I think of women athletes, who deserve the same privileges as male athletes, and women in the workplace, who too often fight the perception of, “Can she do it?” And, as I think about what this month means to me, I hope that we continue to strive forward and build each other up. There have been so many monumental moments in women’s history and I know there are many more to come.

Alyssa Bailey, Recruiting Assistant

Women’s History Month is important because it is a reminder to acknowledge and celebrate phenomenal women and their accomplishments throughout history. Often the voices and actions of women slip through the cracks in our history lessons, so this month is a time where we can educate both ourselves and others. Women have contributed tremendously to the progression of society, and March provides an opportunity to honor them and the amazing work they have done and will continue to do.

Izabella Gelder, Recruiting Assistant

This month is dedicated to all the women that have been overlooked in the past, despite the many contributions they have made to today’s society. This month gives us a chance to highlight the hard work done by women before us that has helped lead us to where we are today. We still have a ways to go, but taking time this month to showcase women and their accomplishments demonstrates how far we’ve come, and how much more we can overcome in the future. It is a month of showing how strong women have been, and must be, in order to be treated fairly and given the chance to truly make a difference.

Maddy O’Rourke, Finance & Human Resource Specialist

Women’s History Month is a chance to reflect on how far we have come as women. We’ve consistently had to prove that we deserve a spot at the table, and in many ways, we continue to have to do so. This month offers an opportunity to reflect on where we started, the progress we’ve made, and what still needs to be done. It also allows us to celebrate all the brave women who have fought to get us to where we are today.

What woman has made a positive impact on your career? How and why?

Angela Milkie-Stokes, Resource Manager

Kim Moistner-Bartlett was my supervisor in college while I served on the UW-Whitewater HawkSquad (orientation team). Kim challenged her employees to strive for excellence and instilled the best sense of customer service. If you were working with a new family or student (i.e. a customer), you were “on stage” and professional at all times. She offered the perfect balance of autonomy and oversight, and valued how important our roles were to new students. Even more, she personally had a positive impact on multiple universities, started her own business, and is a chief learning officer who travels to speak publicly and inspire others. Whenever I am trying to persevere and excel through a challenge, I think, “What would Kim MB do?”

Devon Costello, Resource Manager

A woman who has made a positive impact on my career is my mother, a single parent who worked full time and always put her family before herself. Watching her, I learned the importance of hard work and sacrifice. Her resiliency is truly admirable, and I try to apply her lessons of perseverance whenever I face adversity. My mother, Carol, has been with the same employer for over 25 years. She earned many promotions – one that included relocation – and has become a valued player on her team. I always keep in mind a quote she would recite to me: “The road to success comes through hard work and sacrifice.”

Michelle Conn, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

I was very fortunate to have two incredible women as managers and mentors as I started my career in human resources with KeyBank. Ruth Yetto and Ellen Sax were my very first managers in my first real job out of college, and did I hit the lottery! Ellen is the epitome of a strong leader, who taught me the importance of clear and open communication with employees and clients. Sometimes you have to tell clients things they don’t want to hear, but if you are honest and open with them, you’ll gain not only their respect, but also their trust. Ruth’s management style was much different, but equally effective. Ruth always reminded her team to never lose sight of the fact that our employees and customers are people; they have families and stories and problems, and kindness will always help you make the right decision. I still draw almost weekly upon the lessons and guidance I received from these two women, and I consider myself lucky to have had both as mentors. More than 20 years have passed since Ellen and Ruth were my managers, and the truest measure of their impact on my life is that to this day, they are so much more than my mentors; they are my dear friends.   

We are proud of our talented team members at Alaant, who bring unmatched skills, work ethic, compassion and integrity to the workplace every day. Thank you for the many contributions you make to our success!

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