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The Alaant Advisor is our column focused on all things going on in the world of recruiting, job placement, and search. Think of it as your weekly briefing—a handy, quick guide to what's going on.

Here's what's happening this week:

vetting job candidates

What Does It Mean to Really Vet a Job Candidate?

By: Monica Sweeney via Alaant Blogs

When it comes to recruiters vetting a job candidate, it’s time to start getting real. Unfortunately, there are too many “recruiters” that say they are vetting their candidates, and the truth is they just aren’t. It’s common practice for “recruiters” to pull resumes off job boards, databases and the like and in some cases not even talk to the candidate before presenting them for a role…

disability hiring

Why companies who hire people with disabilities outperformed their peers

By: Jared Lindzon via Fast Company

Companies that offered the most inclusive working environment for disabled employees achieved an average of 28% higher revenue. Here’s why: Hiring and supporting employees with disabilities isn’t just a matter of corporate social responsibility or public relations; it’s just good business. According to a recent study of 140 U.S. companies by Accenture–alongside the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and Disability:IN–those that offered the most inclusive working environment for...

gen z tach talent

What's Different About Generation Z Tech Talent?

By: Jon Bradshaw via Forbes

It wasn't too long ago that my generation, millennials, was the focal point. Now, though, in my mid-30s, I've started working with the up-and-coming tech talent who are part of Generation Z. Here's what I've learned about how working with Gen Z is different and how I've adapted my work style to think and act in a way that increases collaboration and productivity with this younger group…

hire no college degree

Would You Hire Someone Who Didn't Go to College?

By: Saige Driver via Business.com

A Business.com community member asked if they should hire someone without a college degree. We found the answers. Finding new talent is stressful. You want to find someone who not only works hard and has the right skill set, but whose values align with your company's principles and culture. With low unemployment, it's a job seeker's market. If you're struggling to find a good fit, you may want to consider widening your pool of applicants to include candidates without a college degree…

slow hiring

Job Search 2.0: Forget CV Writing And Master Your Personal Brand

By: Dr. Natalia Wiechowski via Forbes

Yes, you read that correctly. Personal branding can help you find a job. Not only that; it can actually change the game for you. It can help you become so visible online and offline that potential employers actually approach you. As a tool, personal branding doesn't cost a fortune. What you will need is time, patience, consistency and creativity, which are all learnable and respectively manageable. Here is how you can make personal branding work for you in your job search…

Hot Candidate's of the Week!

These are two of the best candidates we've seen this week. If you would like more information on these candidates, please reach out to us right away.

Marc - Business Development Manager

Hartford, CT
  • Responsible for business development for Canada, Mid and Western United States, Australia and South America selling complex software-based consulting services to some of the world's most prestigious corporations working at the most senior levels of those firms up to CEO level
  • Consulted, facilitated and developed strategic action plans working up to the CEO/SVP level for North America's largest firms such as Boeing, Chevron, ADM, Ford, Caterpillar on their most complicated and costly issues around the world
  • Responsible for developing company’s marketing and sales team
  • Organized numerous tradeshows, speaking engagements and business development initiatives within North America
  • Established and developed company’s channel partner strategy with companies like Booz Allen Hamilton and Kaiser and Associates
  • Participated as a guest speaker at conferences in North America
  • Established solid senior relationships at some of the world's largest and most prestigious corporations

Jena - Administrative Coordinator

Albany, NY

Jena is a highly organized Administrative Coordinator with a very welcoming demeanor. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and has a long tenure providing administrative support to multiple teams and senior leadership.

Highlights include:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Data Entry, PowerPoint & SharePoint).
  • Used Webex to coordinate HR trainings for numerous locations.
  • Familiar with Conquer for expense reporting used when planning out of state trips and conferences.
  • Supported six HR professionals in scheduling meetings with employees for HR grievances.
  • High volume appointment scheduling.
  • Responsible for 23 locations for any travel accommodations for HR executive team between sites in different states, as well as out-of-state conferences.
  • She is actively seeking a new opportunity in an administrative capacity.

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Miranda March Digital Strategist for Alaant Workforce Solutions

Miranda March, Digital Communications Specialist

Miranda has a real knack for connecting the dots between employers and job seekers. She prides herself on keeping a pulse on the national and local hiring markets. In her downtime, she enjoys cooking new foods and spending time with her family. A little-known fact about Miranda is her love of video games, new and old.

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