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The Alaant Advisor is our column focused on all things going on in the world of recruiting, job placement, and search. Think of it as your weekly briefing—a handy, quick guide to what's going on.

Here's what's happening this week:


The Secret Weapon of Recruitment: Talent Acquisition Partnerships are the New Recruitment Process Outsourcing

By: Nick Maciariello via Alaant Blogs

With the number of job openings at a 17-year high and unemployment near historic lows, employers are competing to attract top talent like never before. A national study of CEOs found that 80% are “extremely concerned” about finding and hiring top talent. So, what can employers do right now to ramp up their recruitment efforts...

skills gap

The Tech Skills Gap Is Shrinking, Analysis Suggests

By: Joe McKendrick via Forbes

Here's something that's counter-intuitive: New research shows that not only it has become easier for employers to find tech talent in recent years, but tech job descriptions are slower to evolve than those in the broader job market. The conventional logic has been that tech skills have been hardest to fill, while there has been a glut of applicants for general business positions…

pay checks

Employers are Hiring, but Don't Expect a Bigger Paycheck

By: Jessica Dickler via CNBC

If you're considering a new job, "there's no time like the present," said Daniel Zhao, senior economist at job-hunting website Glassdoor. Median annual base pay for full-time workers rose to $52,672 in February, according to the latest pay report from Glassdoor. However, the government shutdown, market losses, geopolitical uncertainly and weakening effects from the 2017…

D & I

The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace – and Why it Matters

By: Dan Robinson via Compelo

Gartner analyst Debra Logan says that diversity focuses on variety, but inclusion creates an emphasis on unity within a team. Inclusion in the workplace can only happen if bosses understand people are naturally biased in how they interact with others they recognize as “different”, says a business expert. Debra Logan, distinguished analyst and…

slow hiring

ADP says Private-sector Hiring Slowed to Three-month Low in February

By: Greg Robb via MarketWatch

The numbers: Private-sector employment has “throttled back” in February, according to the economist who prepared the data released Wednesday. Employers added 183,000 jobs in February, compared with a revised 300,000 in January, ADP reported. The gain in February was close to forecasts from economists who expected a gain of 180,000. What happened: Details of ADP’s report showed that…

Hot Candidate's of the Week!

These are two of the best candidates we've seen this week. If you would like more information on these candidates, please reach out to us right away.

Emily—A/R Specialist

Hartford, CT

Emily is a very likable and experienced Accounts Receivable Specialist with robust experience. Her highlights include:

  • Experience researching credit risk of potential clients. 
  • Planned and organized customer communications to resolve and minimize AR past due. 
  • Identified and applied credits and received payments according to proper policy and procedure. 
  • Managed outstanding receivables by initiating and handling related communications. 
  • Tracked customer scheduled payments via online customer portals. 
  • Determined credit limits for incoming customers. 
  • Ensured compliance with SOX/JSOX requirements. 
  • Produced unbilled revenue reports. 
  • Obtained payment on past due invoices by resolving customer issues. 
  • Applied incoming funds to appropriate accounts. 
  • Maintained daily contact with customer accounting departments. 
  • Provided reports and account balance sheets as needed.

Megan—Collections Specialist

Albany, NY
  • Megan is a professional candidate who brings a variety of experience that includes handling billing and payments within the insurance industry.
  • She is open minded and well-spoken. Her calm demeanor would be helpful in working through any customer concerns with their bills/invoices.
  • Megan handled 10-15 inbound calls in the insurance industry and has customer service experience within education and hospitality.
  • She also served as a Desk Attendant in Residence Life, which often involves independent shifts, while on the other end of the spectrum – she was a Site Supervisor and oversaw 5 staff members and 40 participants at the YMCA.
  • Megan is interested in a new role within an office setting that challenges her.

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Miranda March Digital Strategist for Alaant Workforce Solutions

Miranda March, Digital Communications Specialist

Miranda has a real knack for connecting the dots between employers and job seekers. She prides herself on keeping a pulse on the national and local hiring markets. In her downtime, she enjoys cooking new foods and spending time with her family. A little-known fact about Miranda is her love of video games, new and old.

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