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How to Nurture Fulfillment in the Workplace, Asking for a Little Respect, The Future of Work is Remote, and more!

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How to Nurture Fulfillment in the Workplace

By: Lori Stuckey via Alaant Blogs

When it comes to creating a successful workplace environment, are you paying enough attention to keeping your team feeling fulfilled? Workplace fulfillment has taken center stage as the focus shifts from doing a job to feeling passionate about the work you’re doing every day. It can also mean the difference between being able to attract and retain talent in your organization…


Candidates Are Asking for a Little Respect

By: Valerie Bolden-Barrett via HR Dive

Respect is a key driver of job satisfaction, according to newly revealed data from Monster's State of the Candidate Report. About 14% of job seekers surveyed said they didn't feel respected throughout their most recent job search. They said recruiters could have been more respectful by, among other things, telling candidates why they weren't…


Most Economists See U.S. Recession by 2021, Survey Shows

By: Alexandre Tanzi via Bloomberg

More than three-quarters of business economists expect the U.S. to enter a recession by the end of 2021, though a majority still estimate the Federal Reserve will continue raising interest rates this year. Ten percent saw a recession beginning this year, 42 percent project one next year, while 25 percent expect a contraction starting in 2021, according to a semiannual…

remote work

Why the Future of Work Is Remote

By: Jessica Stevens via Glassdoor

A narrative has taken hold over the past few years that asserts that the future of work will be dominated by robots, AI programs and other technological marvels that strip humans entirely away from the workplace. Despite all the hubbub being raised over certain new technologies, however, the future of work is increasingly going to be dominated by remote working, which…

recruit hires

What New Tactics are Companies Using to Recruit Hires?

By: Alison DeNisco via TechRepublic

Companies are turning to AI and upskilling to fill open tech positions. Here's how your company can do the same. In a tight labor market, companies are turning to new recruiting tactics and technologies to find and hire top tech talent. "Hiring tech talent is a top priority for recruiting and business leaders across industries, which has caused hyper-competition," said Lauren Smith, vice president of Gartner's HR practice…

Hot Candidate's of the Week!

These are two of the best candidates we've seen this week. If you would like more information on these candidates, please reach out to us right away.

Amy - HR Manager

Hartford, CT
  • Provided human resources consultation and advice to departments and leaders regarding the alignment of human resources initiatives with business objectives.  
  • Lead teams with a leadership style that was collaborative, inclusive and balanced in an approach to strive for excellence.
  • Provided assistance to all employees in the organization on coaching, mentoring, training and development, performance management and rewards and recognition.
  • Served as a facilitator in change management requiring the ability to adapt and think creatively and quickly in response to complex and diverse issues and challenges.  Acted as a consultant and advisor to all employees across the organization.
  • Lead HR planning efforts such as Employee Engagement Committee, Safety Committee and Production Committee.
  • Developed, documented and implemented HR policies, procedures and programs.
  • Created and conducted training to ensure clean and consistent communication to management and employees.
  • Oversaw employee relation issues, mediate workplace disputes; counsel managers and employees

Jonathan - Collections Specialist

Albany, NY

Jonathan is an approachable and professional candidate. He is articulate, conversational and would do well assisting customers through any process in a quality manner. His biggest accomplishment working within customer service/inside sales was serving as an account manager and initiating a product that landed his previous employer over $200,000 in sales revenue, over the past two years. Jonathan brings a positive attitude, is a team player and hard worker who would catch on quickly and bring value to any organization.

Additional highlights:

  • Previous call center experience and is adept with a high volume of customer inquiries about products/services.
  • Comfortable working with commercial and consumer clients face-to-face or over phone/email.
  • Some previous involvement with some loan or past due balances with commercial clients.
  • Jonathan is seeking a new opportunity that works with commercial clients and continue to build his account management skills.

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