Death by Hiring Process:
5 Ways to Keep Good Candidates Engaged 

5 Ways to Keep Good Job Candidates Engaged

There is nothing worse when you’re looking for a job than having to wait an excessive amount of time to hear from the hiring company. You interview and then what seems like forever you finally hear that they’re moving in a different direction or that yes, they’d like you to meet with another member of the team. This is after you spent 6 hours onsite meeting with said team. Is this a red flag? Yes, it can be.

Hiring managers that have put in place a hiring process that works to both the candidate’s and the company’s advantage are to be applauded. For those that are still working out the kinks, here are 5 tips to simplify it.

1. Develop a step by step process.

First, things first, take the time to think through who on the team you’d like the candidate to interview with, other departments that need to be involved and what’s realistic and appropriate to ask a candidate Those who will be conducting the interviews need to be on the same page. Letting them know what questions you’ll ask and your expectations will avoid duplicating efforts.

2. Be responsive to candidates.

If you’ve found a possible match, inform them and schedule the interview. If they are not a match, let them know. Respond either way in a timely manner; it is both courteous and a good practice.

3. Communicate

Communication throughout the process is key. Give feedback after each interview and a timeframe as to what the next step will be and most importantly when you’ll make it happen. In our current job market, candidates have lots of choices. Lack of communication can be interpreted as lack of interest and candidates will move on to other opportunities.

4. Make HR a partner in the process.

HR should be involved throughout the process. Candidates are not only in need of salary and bonus information, benefits are very important for them to cover in detail as well.

5. Help candidates be more prepared.

If your company is in the news, send background information and relevant links to candidates that will be included in the interview process. This promotes awareness and helps them get a good baseline understanding about your company.

It is in everyone’s best interest to fill a job opening as soon as possible. Lack of communication, even when you’re interested in a candidate, can make them wonder: Is this the way the company operates? Does anything get done? It’s time to end the overcomplicated, hurdle-filled interview maze companies put in front of job candidates. Streamline the process so your company doesn’t waste time and money and more importantly—stops missing out on adding great candidates to the team.  alaant workforce solutions

About the Author

Amy Alvarez, Alaant

Amy Alvarez, Director, Talent Acquisition

Amy has spent more than 20 years in the world of recruiting helping professionals find great jobs and companies find a good match to add to their team. Being organized has led to success and happiness in both her personal and professional life. She likes to spend time with family and friends, travel and watch movies. To date, Amy’s favorite place to visit has been Rome, Italy.

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